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Daniel Threlfall

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13 min read

Reputation Management Strategy: The Bulletproof Guide

By Daniel Threlfall on 10/4/18 10:56 AM

Reputation management strategy is part of brand building, and it's so much more than making sure your company has great reviews. This guide will help you navigate the world of reputation strategy in the online environment. Online reputation — that intangible asset, that electronic chimera — is hard to assess let alone fix. And when it comes right down to the exact techniques to repair a reputation, many CMOs, publicists, or executives are downright nonplussed.

Topics: Online Reputation Management (ORM) Reputation Management Companies
11 min read

Online reputation repair - Steps to rebuild a damaged corporate reputation

By Daniel Threlfall on 4/30/18 9:14 AM

Your company has fallen from grace. Maybe your CEO was arrested for fraud. Maybe E. coli was found in your food and made your restaurant customers sick. Or maybe you’ve just made some ill-advised business decisions over time, and it’s finally caught up with you.

A reputation crisis can happen unexpectedly, and can be a difficult thing to overcome, but it is possible to repair your reputation. Although a damaged corporate reputation may seem impossible to reverse, the journey to rebuild it can be summarized in a few key steps:

  • Take control of your brand's online presence
  • Know and monitor what is said about you online
  • And, most importantly, apologize for any missteps
Topics: Business Reputation Management
12 min read

Fake News: The New Face of Corporate Reputation Warfare

By Daniel Threlfall on 4/20/18 2:38 PM

Today, it’s easier than ever before to spark misinformation, watch it spread, and then witness it take down corporations, crush reputations, and topple political figures.

A brief glance at the news tells you all you need to know. Fake news is powerful enough to shake technology juggernauts, crush world-famous personalities, and wipe entire businesses right off the map. And yet people still believe it. 

Topics: Business Reputation Management
12 min read

Saving the Boss's Bacon - Executive Reputation Guide

By Daniel Threlfall on 3/26/18 5:04 PM

Here’s the deal. The media thinks your CEO screwed up. According to rumors, she siphoned the company’s quarterly earnings into a private yacht spending spree.

The truth? Your CEO is innocent.

But what does the media care about truth? They’re hanging onto the rumors like a toddler clutching a Snickers bar. The Internet’s news minions are intent on vilifying a corporate leader, weaving tales of oversized yachts funded with ill-gotten gain.

Topics: Business Reputation Management

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