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Business reputation mistakes to avoid

Published on 11/11/19 10:19 PM PST by Julie Dowling

Foot, meet mouth.

We all make mistakes, but with Google some of them will haunt us long after the fact. As they say, "Google is forever". As with many things, prevention is the best medicine. Here are five online mistakes to avoid for the sake of your online reputation:

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4 min read

How to Manipulate the Media

Published on 09/11/19 3:03 PM PST by Julie Dowling

Media manipulation occurs in the space between truth and website pageviews.

There are 86,400 seconds in a day and, thanks in part to Google, the online content cycle never stops. Every second must be refreshed with new content (meat) all the time to satisfy the needs of both man and (search) robot.

That speed means news agencies and bloggers have between zero and almost no time to research and that pageviews count above all else.

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