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The Reputation X team is a collection of online reputation experts working in the areas of content planning, reputation strategy, search engine marketing, social media, technical public relations, and other more esoteric realms. We provide white-label reputation management, protect reputations and clean up search results for agencies, brands and people.

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3 min read

What is the Streisand Effect?

By Reputation X on 12/13/15 7:29 AM

Summary of the Streisand Effect

On May 30th, 2003 it was reported that Barbra Streisand sued a man claiming an invasion of her privacy because he had shared aerial pictures of her Malibu home. Streisand inadvertently attracted more attention to her home by trying to suppress the images. The Streisand Effect is when the action of suppressing something to reduce or remove visibility it causes the opposite to happen. Similar terms include blowback and astroturfing. 

Topics: Online Reputation Management (ORM) Reputation Protection Reputation Psychology
3 min read

How to protect your online identity

By Reputation X on 12/12/15 1:14 PM

Online identity management is a subset of online reputation management in that it deals with the management of who a person appears to be online. One example of online identity management is the use of different personas for various online interactions in an attempt to mask personal identity exposure. Another is the use of a persons true persona online, but in a carefully managed way using search engine marketing, content management and public relations strategies.

Topics: Personal Reputation Management Online Reputation Management (ORM)
6 min read

Restaurant Reputation Management: The Challenges Franchises Face

By Reputation X on 12/11/15 4:40 PM

Fast food restaurants occupy a special place in the dining ecosystem. While the dining experience is seldom researched on sites like OpenTable, they are susceptible to reputation problems. Problems come either at the regional level as in the case of Chipotles E. coli snafu, or at the local level like when Domino's was sued over wire brush bristles found in a Dominos pizza. Both cases were dramatic and affected the overall brand. But individual fast food restaurants can suffer a quieter, less dramatic online reputation problem. Some embrace a bad reputation, as in the case of Botto Italian Bistros' Yelp reviews, but most see a slow leak in prospective customers that can cost an individual restaurant thousands or more in lost revenue. 

Topics: Review Management Reputation Management Companies
3 min read

Global Mfg. Firm Reputation Management Case Study

By Reputation X on 11/14/15 3:30 PM


This reputation management case study is an example of a solution Reputation X provided for a global manufacturing firm that was experiencing active negative press for the company as well as its executive team. 

Industry: Tool Manufacturer (Global)

Entity: Corporation

Issue: Multiple negative reviews, negative journalism and YouTube

Technique: Mixed. Dilution and Suppression with one removal

Campaign duration: 12 Months

Topics: Case Studies
5 min read

What is a Guest Post? A Short and Simple Guide

By Reputation X on 11/13/15 7:17 AM

Here's a question we get a lot from clients: What is a guest post? How is it different than a regular blog post? A Guest Post is a an article written and posted on someone else's blog. When you write something on your own blog its just a "post", but on someone else's blog the writer is a ‘guest’. Guest posts are valuable tools for reputation marketing for a number reasons like getting your brand mentioned or occupying branded search query results. But most people use them to embed backlinks. Guest posts are abused though, and we'll get to that later in this article. 

Topics: SEO Reputation Management Online Reputation Management (ORM)
3 min read

Removal, De-Indexing, Suppression. What's the Difference?

By Reputation X on 10/27/15 4:34 PM


What is the difference between pushing down search results (suppression), de-indexing, and removal?

Topics: Online Reputation Repair
5 min read

The Fastest Ways to Remove Search Results: Ranked

By Reputation X on 10/27/15 3:40 PM

We ranked the fastest ways to remove search results from Google from fastest to slowest.

Google gets smarter everyday, but even with new Google artificial intelligence systems like RankBrain or even "knowledge based trust" it still ranks information about knowledge based on human search activities and trust, not something so difficult to define as truth. So how do we correct inaccurate or irrelevant knowledge in search results?

Topics: Online Reputation Repair
8 min read

A Simple Content Marketing Plan

By Reputation X on 10/25/15 1:29 PM

Content marketing can be hard. This content marketing plan should make it easier for you. This simple content marketing plan represents a fictitious small company or individual that already has basic online reputation web properties like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. in place. This plan uses relevant, organic search results as a basis for an online reputation content plan. 

Topics: Content Marketing Business Reputation
7 min read

How Reputation X used an imaginary CEO to find bad guys

By Reputation X on 10/22/15 12:50 PM

How do you find out who is anonymously posting information about you, your company, or your country, online? We setup a fake company, imaginary CEO, social media and fictitious backers to trap anonymous perpetrators posing as our clients' Ministry of Finance. This is how we did it.

Topics: Business Reputation
3 min read

Changing Knowledge Panel results in search results

By Reputation X on 10/21/15 2:11 PM

If you or your brand has a Knowledge Panel you're suddenly "somebody". It's a bit like a Wikipedia page for you or your company, but it doesn't need to be clicked on for searchers to see it. But how do you get Google to build yo one? And if you have one with the wrong information being displayed, how do you correct it?

Topics: Online Reputation Repair

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