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Peter Hill

Peter Hill is a college paper writer of the paper writing service BrillAssignment. He is a socially active person, likes traveling and photo/video editing. He has been working in California SMM agency as a journalist for more than 6 years. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.

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Seven Ways to Promote Your Website for Free


With the emergence of social media, blogging, and ecommerce, one has to wonder whether having a website is still relevant and necessary in 2019. Well, let us save you the suspense - yes. Having a website, especially if you are running a business, is still as crucial as ever if you are interested in reaching your target audience and/or customers. In fact, when searching for products and services online, 30% of consumers will not consider a business that doesn’t have a website. On top of that, the majority of your audience will still find your website through search engines, as opposed to discovering it on social media or through email marketing.