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Ryan Pell

Ryan is a passionate blogger and writer who likes sharing his thoughts and. Now he works as a content editor and internet researcher, you can check his site. He likes to travel and explore new countries.

6 min read

Using social data to refine a successful marketing campaign

Today, everyone is on social media. Even if you take Facebook alone, it gives you potential access to almost three billion users.

You can safely say that social media platforms are the most powerful and surefire way to launch a successful marketing campaign.

Here's the tricky part though: The sheer size and diversity of these platforms make it extremely hard for businesses to capitalize on them effectively. It's like having access to an ocean, but not knowing how to swim.

Enter social data.

8 min read

Factors that support viral content

Viral marketing has changed the way that businesses or people promote themselves online. Anything from video clips, e-books, or images can be used to virally promote - or destroy - a brand. Viral marketing campaigns have struck particular success on social media platforms and YouTube. 

Take, for example, You-tuber Jenna Marbles. Back in 2010, she posted her first video: “How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking.” The YouTube audience, although not very size-able at that time, blew up with excitement. Within several hours, her video went viral, and today it has almost 70 million views.