How to create a successful LinkedIn strategy in 5 steps

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How to create a successful LinkedIn strategy in 5 steps

Given its reputation, LinkedIn is easily one of the most important platforms your brand needs to make it in the competitive world of online marketing. LinkedIn is viewed by many entrepreneurs as the most effective social media channel you can use to promote your services.

LinkedIn attracts over 706 million users from 200 countries, so one could say it has become a pretty useful marketing tool. Its significance cannot be overstated, which is why many have wondered how to build their business around a strong digital presence anchored by LinkedIn.

This social platform, once perceived just as an industry networking site, is a direct stepping stone to your online success. As such, it is a perfect place for you to start developing your online strategy and even increase sales.

Here are our 5 steps to create a successful LinkedIn strategy:

1. Focus on a specific goal

Defining a goal, and trying to achieve it is a key part of every successful business and strategy – and that is no different with LinkedIn.

Usually, brands tend to define their main goal as one of the following:

  • Engagement with a specific audience
  • Selling of a product or a service
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Managing online reputation

Every goal has a specific strategy that needs to unfold in order to generate the response you are hoping to achieve. For example, reputation marketing has become really beneficial, as it helps you manage your image, or in other words – how the world sees your brand.

So for reputation marketing, one of your ideal LinkedIn strategies will certainly be the acquisition and promotion of positive brand reviews. This will help you build a positive reputation for your brand before a crisis situation occurs. 

So, it is absolutely necessary to outline a specific target to get you going. This will help you select the kind of content you will likely publish and eventually leave a lasting digital footprint.

2. Publish relevant content

Creating and publishing relevant content should be a top priority for anyone looking to delve in to the harsh ecosystem of LinkedIn marketing.

LinkedIn is a very effective publishing platform which can, if used correctly, give your business a powerful digital boost you are hoping for, and even help you get leads.

There are several types and ways you could do this. You could publish content as an individual or as a brand. Of course, one does not negate the other.

If you focus your efforts on publishing content from your personal profile, you will gain attention as an individual person of influence. Likewise, if you post from your company’s page – the brand will gain more attention.

What kind of content you publish is even more important than where you publish it.

Namely, by posting quality content, you’re creating a pretty good base for your outbound marketing strategy. When you build a community of people, there will be quality content already waiting for them on your page.

However, getting your LinkedIn page to a certain number of people is one thing, but getting those followers to engage with your content is another.

A pro tip – content that covers industry trends and how–to advice tends to draw in more viewers.

3. Know the importance of video

Speaking of viewers, if you want to create a successful LinkedIn strategy, making video a part of it is vital!

Video marketing has gained in importance in the last few years, mostly because it helps you stand out from the ever–growing sea of information shared online on a daily basis.

Importance of video

Social platforms tend to favor native video content over anything else, and LinkedIn is no exception. Think about it – what is more engaging than an expert providing you a video explaining the latest market trends, industry tips, and whatever else you might be interested in?

Video provides you with lots of possibilities – you can give an overview of your brand, review other content, comment on certain platforms, and even create your own digital series! Truly limitless potential.

4. Optimize and captivate 

Easier said than done.

If you really want your business to be successful on LinkedIn, you have to be able to communicate well with your target audience. Optimizing your pages while captivating said audience with useful and engaging content is the name of the game.

How to optimize? LinkedIn offers your brand the opportunity to create a showcase page that goes along with your main company page. The showcase page is a useful tool when it comes to segmenting your audience. The perfect showcase page targets one specific customer segment and hopes to provide valuable information for that specific group of people.

For example, Microsoft uses showcase pages in an excellent way – they have a page for every facet of their business. Here is their Microsoft 365 showcase page aimed to promote their cloud services.

Showcase pages

A good showcase page is a phenomenal way for you to spread your message even further, as it allows you to target your potential leads more clearly.

5. Use groups

LinkedIn groups could prove to be the very best marketing tool this social platform offers.

Groups are a great way to network and broaden your reach. You can join various groups, search them for quality leads, or even start your own. 

A LinkedIn group is a segmented market, typically a niche, that you can penetrate directly.

With a simple LinkedIn search, you can narrow what kind of group you are interested in finding. This search is not as advanced as a regular LinkedIn search, but it does offer decent possibilities. When it comes to finding a perfect group for you, choose ones that are active, relevant for your goals, and not too big in size.

Final thoughts

With this many possible solutions, crafting the perfect LinkedIn strategy shouldn’t be a daunting task.

Tailor your content strategy to suit your needs and the needs of your potential prospects. Understand your audience and offer them content that will position you as a reputable source of valuable intelligence.

Hopefully, you are able to recognize the value of having a superb LinkedIn presence, and you will use all available LinkedIn automation tools to achieve your digital goals. LinkedIn offers limitless potential, so we urge you to create a successful LinkedIn strategy as soon as possible!