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Monitor Online Reputation

6 min read

How to Protect Your Online Brand from Negative SEO

There are always two ways to win at anything. The first involves ethical practices where you strive hard, strategize and emerge on top. The second is by using black hat and unethical practices geared towards sabotaging your competitors. This is the very essence of negative SEO. Negative SEO can diminish the standing of your main website in search results, or satellite web content reflective of your brand. For example, negative SEO can be used to cause Google to suspect you've been buying links, which can result in a penalty

8 min read

How AI helps businesses manage their online profiles

artificial intelligence

Your company's online reputation can make or break your business. Before you even get a chance to connect with your customer, they have already Googled your business, read your online reviews, and judged you accordingly.

Reputation management allows you to take control of the information that appears about your company online. It is crucial for driving business to your company.

9 min read

How to Turn Negative Publicity into a PR Opportunity

Even the largest and best managed company can have the occasional misstep. Public relations specialists will argue that it’s the law of probability; with enough people involved and enough time passing, somebody can and will make a mistake. So even if you think your company is bulletproof, it’s important that businesses have a crisis management plan in place for how to deal with negative publicity.