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9 min read

How to Turn Negative Publicity into a PR Opportunity

Even the largest and best managed company can have the occasional misstep. Public relations specialists will argue that it’s the law of probability; with enough people involved and enough time passing, somebody can and will make a mistake. So even if you think your company is bulletproof, it’s important that businesses have a crisis management plan in place for how to deal with negative publicity.

9 min read

Using Paid Ads with Online Reputation Management


There are times when it's a good idea to integrate a little bit of purchasing power into your reputation management activities, especially if you're a business owner. Running a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign can often be an excellent addition to your overall reputation management strategy because it helps you own the first paid positions when someone Google's your brand.

We often think of building a solid website, setting up a Facebook page, and placing a few posts as the key components of reputation management. While those are definitely important, there are other avenues to improve your reputation across third-party review sites, social media, and other digital platforms.

When implemented properly, a PPC campaign can help you:

  • Effectively reach your target audience
  • Generate profit much faster
  • Counter negative reviews