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5 min read

Building a Business vs. Building a Brand

What's the difference between building a brand and building a business?

Have you found yourself wondering why some marketing strategies don’t seem to be giving you the results that you want? You’ve seen them work for other people and ensured that your campaigns follow the data, but something is still off.

Many small business owners often confuse the strategies of growing their business with the ones for growing their brand. If your marketing or digital PR strategies don’t seem to be taking off, maybe you aren’t focusing on the right area. 

Let’s go over some of the main differences between building a business vs building a brand so that you can move on and get the best possible results from your efforts. 

7 min read

5 Customer Video Testimonial Examples (& Why They Work)

Video is a great method if you want to produce client testimonials that resonate with people. People need confirmation from someone who has purchased the product to see whether it’s worth their time and money. This is why customer testimonials are an excellent way to highlight your company's products and services. 

7 min read

How Inbound Marketing Pulls Prospects to Your Brand with Content

Inbound marketing uses online content, along with search engine marketing, to "pull" prospects to your brand. The "inbound" part of inbound marketing refers to sales coming to you, rather than you going after specific customers. Inbound marketing is normally part of a well-rounded campaign of both inbound, direct, paid, and other marketing approaches. 

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