Process: Websites for online reputation management

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Process: Websites for online reputation management

Though no two companies or people are alike, professional online reputation management services follow a customized process based on the type of case, industry and brand. Initiatives vary, but can be broken into brand building, suppression (or dilution) of negative content, and review management. The first two require development, whereas a review management campaign rarely does. Although multiple processes can take place simultaneously, suppression (pushing bad down and good up) is usually engaged as a basic reputation strategy. Sometimes suppression is the primary strategy, often as a fallback to removal attempts.

The reputation process has five parts

This is the second article in a five-part series, each of which covers a step in the reputation management process:

  1. Research
  2. Development
  3. Content
  4. Publishing
  5. Promotion

In this series’ first article, we discussed the research phase of the reputation management process. This article covers step two: the development phase.

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Development, the bones of your reputation initiative

During the reputation research phase we identified your biggest reputation threats, found opportunities and outlined an online reputation strategy. In the development phase it’s time to create the flesh and bones of your online reputation initiative.

The initial focus of our development work is on owned Web properties that you claim, purchase or already control. Your situation may be different, but the properties you already own could include:

  • A personal or corporate website
  • A personal or corporate blog
  • Social media profiles
  • Business directory listings

For example, let’s say you’re a doctor who needs reputation management. Doctors tend to have a very specific profile of websites representing them. This page on reputation management for doctors shows the websites, blogs and other listings most often seen for doctors.

The development plan may incorporate upgrades, improvements and expansions to these properties. If there are any unclaimed or unbuilt properties, social media profiles or industry-specific web properties that fit your “perfect” search profile, we’ll often help you take ownership.

As we optimize your existing properties, we prepare the core of your online development plan: building and optimizing strategic new Web properties, each of which will eventually add a stream of positive content to the online conversation around your business. Put another way, each property we develop becomes a line in your Internet reputation defense.

The reputation development plan

The core of your online development plan:

  • building and optimizing strategic new Web properties
  • The new properties in your development plan may include:
  • Blogs
  •  New website pages
  • Charity websites
  • Social media profiles
  • Image and video sharing profiles
  • Any other types of Web properties that may be useful to your reputation management campaign

Once these properties have been developed and set up, we establish a central content distribution platform—a single dashboard that lets you and content creation partners publish seamlessly on multiple platforms.

Next: content

We’ve done the research, developed the properties and set up a content distribution platform to streamline your reputation marketing activities. Up next: content creation.

Reputation Development FAQs

How can I fix my reputation online?

Reputation management consists of creating a targeted campaign to improve your search results online. The process typically consists of five steps: research, development, content, publishing, and promotion.

How can I develop a reputation strategy?

Your reputation strategy should focus on optimizing your existing web properties to improve your search results. The new properties in your development plan may include blogs, new website pages, charity websites, social media profiles, and image and video sharing profiles.

Why is optimizing owned web properties important?

It is important to improve and expand all of your owned web properties because each property you develop becomes a line in your Internet reputation defense. If you can get more positive content to rank high in search results there will be less room for negatives.