Reputation management services - part 3: Content

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Content is the key to evergreen online reputation solutions. This is the third article in a five-part series covering each of the five steps of the typical Internet reputation management campaign:

  1. Research
  2. Development
  3. Content
  4. Publishing
  5. Promotion

In step one (research), we conducted an exhaustive analysis of your online reputation, identifying potential threats that need to be addressed and opportunities that can be cultivated and improved upon. In step two (development), we began to develop the bones of your digital presence. With the groundwork laid, we’ll turn to the first of three ongoing steps in the reputation management process: using positive content to suppress reputation threats and enhance reputation opportunities.

5 Steps to Improve Reputation E-Book

Three content creation steps

for a winning reputation management process


1. Brainstorming

First, we take the time to understand your brand, your motivations and your online ambitions. We ask “what content does your audience want to consume?” and “are there any gaps in the online content currently presented?” We look at similar company or individual search profiles to see what people already like. We find out what is the most shared content in your content space, and then brainstorm content along those lines.
2. Presentation

With a list of viable content ideas in hand, we submit them for your review. Our culture is one of creativity and collaboration, so we encourage your feedback and suggestions at every turn—after all, no one knows your industry better than you do. After you and our content team approve the content plan, we assign the articles to experienced, professional writers who understand your industry and content needs.

3. Planning

When you approve your completed customized articles, we try to pair each piece with a high-authority publication target (either one you own or a third-party property). We try for the highest authority distribution platforms your budget will allow. For example, if we know that a blogger or author is looking for a specific story or angle to write about, and it fits your profile, we’ll try to get it published. We strive to specify the format of the article for maximum Internet reputation benefit.

Content types

reputation-management-process-3Every content creation campaign is different, but yours may include the following content types—all designed to assist the search-result consumer to find what she is looking for:

  • Blog posts that highlight your strengths and positive concepts relating to what you do
  • Social posts that engage readers, win new followers and point to other facets of your online presence. They can also fuel page views.
  • Positive third-party posts and new articles written by influential bloggers, journalists and others.
  • Positive third-party longform articles that position you, your company or your products as a leader in your field.
  • Press releases that highlight achievements as they happen (and provide a lasting online record of your triumphs).
  • Slideshows, graphics and videos that literally illustrate your strengths and achievements.

Content frequency

Internet reputation services are a combination of inbound content marketing, technical public relations and search engine optimization. To be successful, a reputation marketing campaign must produce lots of content and publish it frequently across many owned, earned and paid Web properties.

Whether you need expertly crafted longform articles, SEO content for peripheral Web properties or catchy blog posts that sing your praises, we have the resources to provide that help. We know what it takes to create original, positive content that sits head-and-shoulders above what’s currently visible on competing Web properties.


Cranking up your content creation machine is a key step in the online reputation management process. But you can’t publish the content you produce without a coherent plan. First, you need to plan the publishing phase of your reputation marketing campaign.


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