Reputation management process - Publishing online content

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Reputation management process - Publishing online content

This is article four in a series of five that discusses the nuts and bolts of bespoke online reputation management services intended to either push down bad search results, or move good ones up.
In our first three articles, we discussed the exhaustive research and development necessary to assess your online reputation and set up the skeleton of your reputation marketing campaign. We also talked about how to produce positive, authority-building content for all the Web properties we develop.

In this fourth article, we discuss publishing—an ongoing part of the reputation management process: 

1.    Research
2.    Development
3.    Content
4.    Publishing
5.    Promotion

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Create, Publish, Repeat

Efforts to improve one’s reputation online require a manageable content deployment plan—also known as a content publishing plan. This article describes how the reputation management process is accelerated by great online content published at the right frequency and on the right sites.

Content distribution for the win

The content distribution platform that was setup during in the development phase of your reputation management process allows you to seamlessly publish all the content you create on many of the owned properties that you control. You’ll get the hang of using your content distribution platform after a while, but we’re happy to walk you through the process—and handle as much or as little of the legwork as possible.

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Schedule, schedule, schedule that content

Scheduling is critical to your owned-property publishing campaign. Using what we’ve learned about who makes up your audience, and the reputation marketing goals you’ve provided us, we draw up a manageable publication schedule that deploys content for maximal benefit.

Scheduling is also critical to reducing your own workload. You don’t want to sit around waiting to hit “publish” for each piece of content you create. Frankly, neither do we. Once each piece of content has been created, we can schedule it for up to a year in advance.

Outreach and placement for better reputation marketing

We have less control over exactly when a piece of content gets published on a third party site. But our well-oiled outreach machine pins other publishers down to the extent possible, establishing a frequency and rhythm that increases your chances of making a meaningful impact on the publisher’s audience.

Get promoted

Once your publishing plan is in place, there’s one thing left to do: promote your published content.

Content Distribution FAQs

How can I fix my reputation online?

Reputation management consists of creating a targeted campaign to improve your search results online. The process typically consists of five steps: research, development, content, publishing, and promotion.

What is a content publishing plan?

A content publishing plan will help to hold accountability towards publishing new content. It is important to schedule your content so you publish a consistent stream of new content.

What are the components of an effective content strategy?

The first step is to develop quality content. Then, set up a consistent publishing schedule. Lastly, promote your content to increase readership.