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Checklists and tips: Create and promote winning blog posts

Published on 07/29/19 8:45 AM PST by Brianne Schaer

You’ve just finished your latest blog post. You’ve dedicated hours to create it. But what happens if nobody reads it? Without a solid content promotion plan in place, your readership may never increase. In fact, you should be spending more time promoting your posts than you spend actually writing them. Here are the main points:

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Don't pick the wrong search phrases

Published on 08/04/19 1:07 PM PST by Kent Campbell

Originally published on 21 July 2019

Using "related searches" for a reputation management campaign may provide short-term improvement, but cause long-term problems by associating a client's brand with a negative query. Here's how to avoid that.

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How to block

Published on 08/03/19 10:27 AM PST by Kent Campbell

There is a lot of apparently bad / old / inaccurate information out in the world about how to block, otherwise known as "The Wayback Machine" from scraping your site. This is the most accurate information we can find about it as of this writing. Spoiler alert: Internet Archive did remove our site once we asked, but the robots.txt method did not work. 

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