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A Quick and Simple Content Plan

Published on 06/10/19 3:04 PM PST by Kent Campbell

This relatively simple step-by-step inbound content plan will work for most small and medium-sized companies. While the schedule is weekly, it could very well be monthly. It's flexible to fit most time and budget constraints. 

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A reputation management Checklist that works

Published on 09/10/19 9:29 AM PST by Amanda Marie

If you’re musing about improving your online reputation, it might help to have an idea of the direction you’re going in. This brief guide can help you formulate a plan and take action.

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Brand Touch Points and Their Impact on Search Results

Published on 01/29/19 7:41 PM PST by Kent Campbell

Brand touch points are like digital fingerprints; they tell a story. What are brand touch points and how do they affect business? Whether you realize it or not, your brand's customer touch points are working to help, or hurt, your organization's reputation with consumers. If a potential customer sees brand-related content and it piques their interest, what will they do next? They may perform a branded search (using your company name), in which case it's up to Google what your customer sees. How dost Google love thee?

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Fake News - From Russian Trolls to Corporate Stock Manipulation

Published on 11/11/19 9:38 PM PST by Kent Campbell

The term "fake news" took on a whole new meaning and set of consequences following the 2016 U.S. presidential election. One of the biggest stories following the election was the chaos wrought by so called “fake news” articles and publications.

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Just What is Internet Privacy?

Published on 10/12/19 8:51 AM PST by Reputation X

Definition: Internet Privacy is the ability of individuals to control the flow of information and have reasonable access to data generated during a browsing session. Privacy is a major concern for all Internet users, but it is becoming more difficult to expect a reasonable expectation of privacy online. One of the problems with Internet privacy is that many users assume that they have control over their information. This is often not the case, particularly when they engage in activities such as social networking, which is essentially based upon sharing of personal information. 

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A Simple Content Marketing Plan

Published on 09/10/19 8:47 AM PST by Reputation X

Content marketing can be hard. This content marketing plan should make it easier for you. This simple content marketing plan represents a fictitious small company or individual that already has basic online reputation web properties like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. in place. This plan uses relevant, organic search results as a basis for an online reputation content plan. 

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How Reputation X used an imaginary CEO to find bad guys

Published on 09/05/19 10:22 AM PST by Reputation X

How do you find out who is anonymously posting information about you, your company, or your country, online? We setup a fake company, imaginary CEO, social media and fictitious backers to trap anonymous perpetrators posing as our clients' Ministry of Finance. This is how we did it.

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How to Manipulate the Media

Published on 09/11/19 3:03 PM PST by Julie Dowling

Media manipulation occurs in the space between truth and website pageviews.

There are 86,400 seconds in a day and, thanks in part to Google, the online content cycle never stops. Every second must be refreshed with new content (meat) all the time to satisfy the needs of both man and (search) robot.

That speed means news agencies and bloggers have between zero and almost no time to research and that pageviews count above all else.

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Reputation Management Pricing

Published on 04/07/16 11:18 AM PST by Reputation X

Reputation management pricing depends on the degree of difficulty of the project, the timeframe, and the type of project it is. The cost can run $2000 and up per month depending on the severity of the issue. The existence and strength of one or more negative search results is the main indicator of cost.

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