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Global Manufacturing Firm Reputation Case Study

Published on 09/17/17 9:55 AM PST by Reputation X

An example of a solution our reputation management firm provided for a global manufacturing firm that was experiencing active negative press for the company and its executive team. 

Industry: Tool Manufacturer (Global)

Entity: Company

Issue: Multiple negative reviews, journalism and YouTube

Technique: Mixed. Dilution and Suppression with one removal

Duration: 12 Months

Topics: Case Studies
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Executive Reputation Case Study

Published on 09/16/17 3:16 PM PST by Reputation X

Over the years we've managed the online reputations of a lot of executives. Industries have included clothing, manufacturing, hospitality, biotechnology, government (foreign and domestic) and many others. But an especially large portion have been executives in financial service related industries. This case study focuses on one of those whose problems included the New York Times, Bloomberg and Ripoff Report. Names and circumstances have been adjusted to some degree to protect the identity of our client.

Note: The illustrative examples provided in this article are of similar people and entities in order to protect the identity of our client. 

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White Label Reputation Case Study

Published on 04/30/19 7:19 PM PST by Reputation X

Our client is a global PR firm with clients in the US, Europe and Middle East. Over the years we have been tasked with a number of interesting projects ranging from helping politicians succeed to boosting search results in Thai and improving search results to enhance hiring. This case study examines a project to clean up search results for a company with detractors using YouTube, blogs and complaint websites.

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Business Review Case Study

Published on 02/12/18 5:30 PM PST by Reputation X

Review websites are not just for people seeking a good restaurant. Prospective employees looking for their next place of gainful employment often look to business review sites like GlassDoor, Indeed and Vault to get an idea of the working environment from people who've been there. Conversely, from the business' viewpoint, acquiring the best employees is key and unfair reviews can keep companies from hiring new talent that might improve the company. Our client was a mortgage firm who'd had a single employee post many negative reviews on GlassDoor posing as different people. But the reviews were not flagged as they didn't seem to violate the community guidelines.

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Ripoff Report Removal - A Case Study

Published on 01/29/19 4:41 PM PST by Reputation X


“Reputation X removed a Ripoff Report from the second position on the first page of Google search results very quickly. They then made sure the first three pages of search results showcases all the best things about our adult community.”

- Director of Marketing Retirement Community

Topics: Case Studies
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