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5 min read

Brainstorm content for a reputation improvement campaign

By Reputation X on 9/10/19 5:16 AM

Every reputation management campaign includes a lot of brainstorming. We think about which websites to build, which web content to develop (text, video, social, graphics, images, etc.), which headlines to use for SEO and ORM purposes. This article will help you understand some of the best ways to brainstorm content for reputation management. 

Topics: How to do ORM
3 min read

Anchor Text Diversity Guidelines

By Reputation X on 8/21/19 9:41 AM

There are many types of anchor text. When spotting "unnatural" anchors (and trying to avoid them), we strive for diversity. Put another way; we don't want a backlink profile that says "Acme Technologies" in every link because it isn't organic (natural). Instead, we want a fully organic and natural backlink profile.

Topics: How to do ORM SEO Reputation Management best practices
8 min read

Value of Corporate Reputation as an Intangible Asset

By Brianne Schaer on 6/24/19 5:06 PM

Just like we measure the revenue and turnover rates for a business, its corporate reputation is equally as important, yet more difficult to measure. Despite our inability to precisely “calculate” corporate reputation, the future of your business relies on your ability to keep it in good standing.

Topics: How to do ORM Business Reputation Business Reputation Management
6 min read

Top five things everyone should do to control online reputation

By Brianne Schaer on 5/3/19 8:05 AM

Online reputation is like a credit report everyone can see.

Whether you are a movie star or an investment banker, your online reputation determines how others perceive you. Everybody can (and should!) manage their online reputation to make sure that it is the most accurate representation of themselves.

Topics: How to do ORM Personal Reputation Management
3 min read

Leads and Traffic Dropping? Examine Negative Branded Search Results

By Kent Campbell on 6/19/17 7:32 AM

Why did the organic for your branded search traffic just drop off? Was it a Google search algorithm change or was it the content of your results that changed? It's a nightmare situation when suddenly you find that you're ranking for negative search phrases appended to your brand name, like "fraud" or "scam." Prospects are fleeing. The sales staff are freaking out. 

Topics: How to do ORM Online Reputation Management (ORM)
5 min read

Which search phrases are hurting your brand?

By Kent Campbell on 6/7/17 5:37 PM

Which search phrases are killing your business?

Imagine your customer gets your business’s address from a friend, comes to your storefront, and every negative review from the last ten years is taped to the front window. At the same time, someone on the sidewalk yells through a megaphone, “don’t shop here even if it’s the last store on earth!” while a video showcases old footage of an employee stealing from a customer. Ouch.

You wouldn’t let it happen in real life, so why would you let it happen online?

Topics: How to do ORM Online Reputation Management (ORM)
3 min read

10 Best Resources to Learn SEO Step by Step

By Kent Campbell on 3/8/17 9:27 AM

If you've ever wanted to learn search engine optimization (SEO) but don't know where to start - here is a list of the best resources we've found to learn SEO. Most of the steps below are free, some cost money, most just cost a lot of time. You'll also need a website to practice on and a good degree of patience.

Topics: How to do ORM SEO Reputation Management
5 min read

What is ORM? How is it different than SEO?

By Reputation X on 2/21/17 11:20 AM

What is the difference between SEO and ORM? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. ORM stands for Online Reputation Management. SEO is generally concerned with getting a website to rank better for product or service-related search terms. ORM uses SEO, and a variety of other techniques, to improve the overall image of a brand. Both are subsets of online marketing

Topics: How to do ORM
6 min read

Engineering articles for SEO

By Reputation X on 9/24/15 11:21 AM

Effective online content is written for both people and search engines. Search engines need to appreciate your content, and when they do they introduce people to it through search results. Online content must be written with both people and search engines in mind.

Topics: How to do ORM
5 min read

How to find bloggers, placements and contributors

By Reputation X on 3/6/15 6:20 PM


Launching an online reputation marketing campaign is a great way to raise your personal or corporate profile and ensure that you’re controlling the online conversation around your key search terms. But with so much chaos and clutter in the digital world, the idea of carving out a positive space for you or your company—a fortress of digital brand authority that suppresses negative content and introduces you to others on the best possible terms—seems daunting, even laughable.

But it’s doable.

Topics: How to do ORM Reputation Protection Online Reputation Repair

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