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Executive Reputation Case Study

Published on 09/16/17 3:16 PM PST by Reputation X

Over the years we've managed the online reputations of a lot of executives. Industries have included clothing, manufacturing, hospitality, biotechnology, government (foreign and domestic) and many others. But an especially large portion have been executives in financial service related industries. This case study focuses on one of those whose problems included the New York Times, Bloomberg and Ripoff Report. Names and circumstances have been adjusted to some degree to protect the identity of our client.

Note: The illustrative examples provided in this article are of similar people and entities in order to protect the identity of our client. 

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Removal, De-Indexing, Suppression. What's the Difference?

Published on 07/29/19 8:21 AM PST by Reputation X


What is the difference between pushing down search results (suppression), de-indexing, and removal?

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Fastest Ways to Remove Search Results: Ranked

Published on 01/15/18 3:05 PM PST by Reputation X

We rank the fastest ways to remove search results from Google from fastest to slowest.

Google gets smarter everyday, but even with new Google artificial intelligence systems like RankBrain or even "knowledge based trust" it still ranks information about knowledge based on human search activities and trust, not something so difficult to define as truth. So how do we correct inaccurate or irrelevant knowledge in search results?

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Helping Google Knowledge Graph Make Better Decisions

Published on 09/17/17 9:57 AM PST by Reputation X

If you or your brand has a Knowledge Graph you're suddenly "somebody". It's a bit like a Wikipedia page for you or your company, but it doesn't need to be clicked on for searchers to see it. But how do you get Google to build yo one? And if you have one with the wrong information being displayed, how do you correct it?

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How to Optimize Images for Reputation Management

Published on 03/03/19 12:14 PM PST by Reputation X

We often need to optimize image results for Google search in order to change search results for reputation management or for SEO reasons. For example, sometimes the wrong image is showing in Google Knowledge Graph, sometimes because the images Google shows are not relevant to the search results. In both cases we optimize the image files so they show up more often in normal as well as image search results. It involves naming the image, page context, ALT tag, image title, page title and rich snippets. This is how it's done.

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Steps to Remove Bad PissedConsumer Reviews

Published on 10/02/18 10:15 AM PST by Reputation X

PissedConsumer offers a place for, well, pissed consumers to vent about supposedly sketchy businesses. But how to remove posts is the question on most people's minds.

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Reputation marketing: Bloggers, placements and contributors

Published on 09/18/17 5:23 PM PST by Reputation X


Launching a reputation marketing campaign is a great way to raise your personal or corporate profile and ensure that you’re controlling the online conversation around your key search terms.

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