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5 min read

SEO tools we use

By Reputation X on 11/6/19 10:33 AM

We are often asked what SEO tools we use. Here is a partial list of third-party SEO tools we use at Reputation X.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a component of online reputation management (ORM). A good SEO strategy uses content, link building, negotiation, and other specific criteria to help push your website towards the top of search engine rankings. SEO tools make it easier. While every SEO expert has their favorite tools, here are ours. If you are looking for reputation monitoring tools, you can find them here

Topics: SEO Reputation Management
3 min read

Anchor Text Diversity Guidelines

By Reputation X on 8/21/19 9:41 AM

There are many types of anchor text. When spotting "unnatural" anchors (and trying to avoid them), we strive for diversity. Put another way; we don't want a backlink profile that says "Acme Technologies" in every link because it isn't organic (natural). Instead, we want a fully organic and natural backlink profile.

Topics: How to do ORM SEO Reputation Management best practices
10 min read

Anatomy of Search Results & How to Rank

By Brianne Schaer on 4/13/19 4:24 PM

It takes hard work to snag a spot on the first page of Google search results. There are many aspects to consider, such as creating relevant content, incorporating relevant keywords and links, and crafting an enticing search result that makes people want to click on it. But before you can create content that excels, you need to understand how it might be displayed. 

  • Understanding the anatomy of a search result page can help you create content that entices people to click your link.
  • Structure, organize, and promote your content effectively to rank high in SERPs.
  • Update and refresh content to keep it relevant.
Topics: Content Marketing SEO Reputation Management
7 min read

PR: How to Create Articles that Perform

By Kent Campbell on 4/9/19 9:49 AM

Just because you write something doesn't mean it will rank well or be visible in search results. How an article is structured can make all the difference. This article outlines how to write an article both people and search engines will appreciate.

  1. Publish on the right website
  2. Choose the right title
  3. Technical and psychological/clickbait headlines
  4. The Description gets people to click
  5. The first paragraph is important
  6. Page length advice
  7. Bullets and numbered lists (like this one)
  8. How rich media increases dwell-time
Topics: Public Relations SEO Reputation Management
5 min read

How Long Does It Take to Improve Google Rankings?

By Kent Campbell on 12/23/18 11:53 AM

Why does it take six months for a website to rank? We get asked this quite a bit. For the most part, it's because there is a lag time of between 10 and 20 weeks before listings start to improve in search results. The exception to the rule is viral content—if users signal content is of superior value, and they do so quickly, search listings can improve in hours. Unfortunately, not every piece of content is going to go viral. Spammy, low-quality SEO can have a quick effect, but it tends to rapidly off again and will more often than not make things worse.

Topics: SEO Reputation Management Online Reputation Management (ORM)
4 min read

How to know if your SEO agency is doing a good job

By Kent Campbell on 9/27/18 11:13 AM

How do you know if your search engine optimization agency is doing a good job? Instead of waiting months for results, you can get a glimpse of whether the work they are doing will be effective early. Here are three relatively simple things you can check. Think of it as the SEO version of "trust but verify".

Topics: SEO Reputation Management
8 min read

50 Tips for Website SEO Success

By Kent Campbell on 9/17/18 5:24 PM

For all the brands looking to improve their online presence, here is a checklist of 50 SEO tips that briefly cover everything from SSL certificates to schema to search friendly URLs and much more. Note: If you are looking for an online reputation checklist click here

Topics: SEO Reputation Management
4 min read

A Simple Link & Social Media Structure Experiment

By Kent Campbell on 11/2/17 6:12 PM

Welcome to Reputation Experiment #142

Sometimes you have to get the SEO ball rolling in order to improve search rankings. To get things started, consider a basic link and social media structure. Done correctly, it will attract organic links and shares on it's own without the need to buy links or engage in nefarious activities. While there are many, a classic link building pattern to prime content includes:

Topics: SEO Reputation Management
7 min read

Content Efficiency: Five Types to Create Simultaneously

By Kent Campbell on 6/17/17 1:36 PM

Create these five types of content at the same time, and in a specific order to give your inbound / SEO campaign consistency and make it easier to execute.

Topics: Content Marketing SEO Reputation Management
3 min read

Everybody is Using Voice Search Now

By Amanda Marie on 6/17/17 5:47 AM

Google announced something surprising back in 2016: the news that voice search made up 20 percent of their mobile queries that year.

Topics: SEO Reputation Management

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