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The 18 Ways Google Describes You Today

Published on 01/14/18 5:44 PM PST by Kent Campbell

Today there are least 18 different ways for a business to be seen in search results, and that doesn’t even count social channels. Different types of search results include Adwords at the top or bottom of the page, the Knowledge Panel, images, reviews, news, shopping, videos and of course normal blue link search results.

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How the Internet Hates

Published on 01/14/19 1:28 PM PST by Reputation X

Honest review sites are an important and valuable part of the information ecosystem. Yet often search engines amplify what should be a whisper to a scream. Who are the players in the bad news ecosystem? Reputation X studied 1000 people and companies with online reputation problems and here's what we learned.

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Damage Control: 5 Online Mistakes to Avoid

Published on 09/17/17 7:14 AM PST by Julie Dowling

Foot, meet mouth.

We all make mistakes, some of which haunt us long after we thought we’d been forgiven. And now that there’s a permanent online record of society’s collective folly, it’s critical to avoid further unforced errors. Here are five online mistakes to avoid for the sake of your reputation:

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