Corporate Wikipedia Article Editing Case Study

A multi-billion dollar company was plagued by competitors masquerading as activists. The attackers generated articles to negatively skew online sentiment toward the company. It was a perfect storm of Google manipulation that Reputation X helped turn around.

Executive Overview

  • Client: Multibillion-Dollar Global Company
  • Challenge: Competitors disguised as activists manipulating Google to tarnish the company’s reputation
  • Objective: To reverse the negative online sentiment and restore the integrity of the client’s Wikipedia page
  • Strategies Implemented: Sentiment Analysis, Strategic Content Placement, Wikipedia Page Rehabilitation, Authority Flow Optimization
  • Outcome: Shifted online sentiment from 60% negative to 10% negative within six months post-campaign
  • Duration: 12 months, with initial improvements observed after 30 days

Situation Analysis

A global brand with a significant online presence faced a sophisticated assault on its reputation. Competitors, under the guise of activism, were distorting online sentiment through strategic Google manipulation and misuse of the client’s Wikipedia page.

The Challenge

The brand’s search results were increasingly dominated by negative narratives, jeopardizing their reputation. This was orchestrated through a series of negative articles and the misuse of Wikipedia references, leading to a decline in the brand’s online standing.


The campaign aimed to:

  1. Enhance online sentiment for branded searches for our client.
  2. Restore balance and accuracy to the client’s Wikipedia page.
  3. Increase the client’s control over their branded search results.
  4. Reduce the visibility of negative content.

Solution Set

Research and Analysis

  • Sentiment Measurement: Assessed the tone of search results across various countries and devices.
  • Competitive Analysis: Benchmarked the client against similar entities to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Gap Analysis: Evaluated the client’s digital footprint against competitors to guide strategic development.

Strategic Execution

  • Wikipedia Engagement: Collaborated with reputable Wikipedia editors to correct misinformation and defend the page against vandalism.
  • Authority Flow Optimization: Enhanced the SEO of client-controlled websites to support the parent brand and positive third-party content.
  • Content Mythology Redesign: Implemented the Reverse Wikipedia Strategy to envision and create an ideal future state for the brand’s online content.
  • Charity Site Optimization: Advised on best practices to maximize the search and social visibility of charitable contributions.


  • Wikipedia Rehabilitation: The client’s Wikipedia page saw a significant reduction in negative content and an increase in factual accuracy.
  • Search Result Transformation: Within 90 days, the sentiment of branded search results began to improve, leading to a substantial decrease in negative content visibility.
  • Reputation Metrics: Post-campaign sentiment scores improved dramatically from 60% negative to only 10% negative.


Reputation X’s strategic approach successfully countered the negative online campaign against the client, restoring their reputation and control over their branded search results. The case study exemplifies the power of a well-orchestrated reputation management strategy to overcome even the most persistent and sophisticated reputation attacks.

Tags: Business Wikipedia Editing, Wikipedia.

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