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Why There’s an 82% Chance They'll Check Your Reviews First

Have you ever bought anything online without looking for customer reviews first? If you’re like most adults in the U.S, your answer should be a straight “No!”


Why It Takes Six Months to Improve Search Rankings

Why does it take six months for a website to rank? We get asked this quite a bit. For the most part, it's because there is a lag time of between 10 and 20 weeks before listings start to improve in search results. The exception to the rule is viral content—if users signal content is of very high value, and they do so quickly, search listings can improve in hours. Unfortunately, not every piece of content is going to go viral.


How Long Does Reputation Management Really Take?

One of the first questions we get from most of our reputation management clients is “How long will reputation management take?”. (The next question is "how much does ORM cost" of course.) Their anxiety is understandable considering that more than 80% of consumers now search Google before doing business with a company. What Google’s first page says about your business practically determines how potential clients and partners see you. And this is why determining just how long it will take to conquer that first page and secure your brands online reputation is not as simple as you might think.

At Reputation X, on average, an online reputation management project takes about ten months. But...

But that is a wildly misleading number because every campaign is different and there are many factors to consider. Some reputation marketing campaigns can never be considered “done”, only improved. Here's why. 


How to Get Online Content Removed

Search engines, bloggers and video sites remove thousands of posts every day. Why? Knowing what can be removed, and why, can help clean up and improve how a brand is seen very quickly.


Crisis Communications: Managing Public Perception Proactively

Crisis communications is the act of managing perception of an event. It isn't management of the even itself. It is communicating in a way to minimize damage. Crisis communications is viewed differently by various stakeholders. Attorneys will have the view of saying little to avoid or minimize future litigation. The CEO may have a personal view, trying to save face or retain some semblance of authority. The Board of Directors may be primarily concerned with stock price. One thing they all have in common is a desire to minimize damage.


How to Avoid Low Quality Reputation Companies

An unfortunate fact about reputation management companies is that most of them are not really reputation management companies. They're really public relations agencies, search engine optimization companies, or just some guy in an apartment somewhere. Most of the time they are 'offshore', but often have a US telephone number. There's nothing wrong with offshore, but for the cultural differences. In reputation management, culture is very important. If you think about it, our agency should be of the culture in which you want to improve search results.


Web Traffic Dropping? How to Find Damaging Search Results

Why did your traffic just drop off? Was it a search algorithm change or was it the content of your results that changed? It's a nightmare situation when suddenly you find that you're ranking for negative search phrases appended to your brand name, like "fraud" or "scam." Prospects are fleeing.


Important Marketing Laws for Financial Firms in a Nutshell

There are several marketing related laws that financial services firms must obey. Some of the laws are specific to the industry, but others are broader and apply to all advertising and marketing. The regulations can seem daunting at first, but once you dive in there and clear away some of the jargon, they are somewhat easy to understand and follow.


Four Key Components of A Reputation Management Plan

Online reputation marketing can be thought of as curating what people see about your business online to achieve a desired outcome. For businesses, the goal of a reputation management plan is usually to acquire more customers or reduce the number of lost opportunities. They both lead to the same end: more money in your pocket.


The Five Content Types to Create Simultaneously

Create these five types of content at the same time, and in a specific order to give your inbound / SEO campaign consistency and make it easier to execute.


Even Your Grandmother is Using Voice Search Now

Google announced something surprising back in 2016: the news that voice search made up 20 percent of their mobile queries that year.


Common Elements of a Web Page and How to Treat Them

If you make or edit online content, you are are a content creator. As a content creator, you’ll need to strike that balance between SEO (search engine optimization) and a positive user experience. To make sure everyone is on the same page, here is a list of the different elements that combine to create an engaging and well optimized piece of content.


Which Companies Have the Best Reputations?

Bad corporate reputations are all over the news lately -- from the assault of a United Airlines passenger to the Uber CEO mistreating one of the very drivers using his platform. Companies with bad reputations are nothing unusual, and the media seems to relish the opportunity to roast big business when it behaves badly.


Basic Reputation Management Tips and Suggestions

Of all the categories involved in managing a business’s online reputation, reputation repair is the one most fraught with confusion.

As humans, we tend to hate criticism, founded or unfounded. Any sort of negativity directed toward your business—earned or otherwise—holds an immense power to inflict damage in both the present and the future. How you respond can either mollify the situation or exacerbate it, and with the stakes so high, not many businesses can afford a misstep.


Eight Reputation Statistics That Affect How You're Seen Online

Online reputation statistics change regularly, this updated list of stats will fascinate and might even scare you.

Reputation and character are different. Reputation is what people think of you or your brand, character are the actual qualities you or your brand have. Either way, ev

All of us in the modern world, from individuals to businesses to public organizations, have two identities: the one that exists in real life, and the one that lives online. Your online reputation can be fickle, plummeting overnight faster than a dissatisfied customer can strike the “submit” button on a review site. These internet reputation statistics will help you better understand the online landscape so that you can focus your resources in the directions that matter most.


How Search Has Changed in the Past Ten Years

Yahoo was founded in 1995, Google was founded in 1998, and Facebook wasn't founded until 2004. The knowledge that Google wasn’t always around might be a shock to people who were born after 1992. As for Google, there have been several iterations of the search engine since then, many of them simply portals to the internet rather than the model of the search engine we are familiar with today.


The Three Phases of Brand Reputation Maintenance

There are three phases of brand reputation maintenance include building, maintaining, and recovering reputation. 


How to Start Your Reputation Search Result Audit

A search result audit is part of any reputation management plan, and can make your business better by revealing the strengths and weaknesses of your online brand as seen by your prospective customers. Warning: sometimes it can be a little scary.


Some Do's and Don'ts for Brand Reputation Management

There's a saying that, “Any publicity is good publicity.” It's wrong. If you have negative publicity it can sink your company. Here are some do's and don'ts of reputation management online.


Which US Presidents Had the Best Reputations?

The importance of a good reputation is highlighted in the case of every presidential race the United States has ever witnessed. A presidential candidate must be in possession of a good public reputation during their campaign, and afterwards the changes in public opinion pour the concrete of their reputation into the memory of history.

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