Executive Reputation Repair Case Study

Our client is a well-known member of the New York financial community planning to run for political office. Activist groups and journalists plagued our client with negative press and inaccurate information. We leveled the playing field.

Executive Summary

  • Client: Prominent New York Finance Executive and Political Aspirant
  • Challenge: Combatting negative press from major news outlets and activist groups
  • Objective: To mitigate negative online content and enhance the client’s digital footprint
  • Strategies Implemented: Sentiment Analysis, SEO Strategy, Content Creation, Knowledge Panel Optimization
  • Outcome: Significant reduction in negative content visibility, with Bloomberg and NYT visibility dropping to less than 1%
  • Duration: 9 Months, with initial changes observed after only 90 days

Situation Analysis

A notable figure in the New York financial sector faced a barrage of negative online press, which was amplified by the sensational nature of search algorithms. Reputation X was tasked with managing the online reputation of this executive, who was also a prospective political candidate.

The Challenge

The client’s high-profile status attracted intense scrutiny, resulting in negative coverage from top-tier publications like the New York Times and Bloomberg. This negative press was further fueled by political bloggers and activists, creating a skewed online narrative.


The campaign’s primary goals were to:

  1. Dilute the negative press with accurate and positive content.
  2. Suppress the visibility of negative articles.
  3. Shield the client’s reputation from future attacks.

Solution Set

Sentiment Analysis and SEO Strategy

  • Initial Assessment: We analyzed the negative content, particularly from the New York Times and Bloomberg, and their impact on search result rankings.
  • Legal Considerations: Legal action was deemed ineffective due to the high resilience of established publications against such measures.
  • SEO Implementation: Developed an SEO strategy to demote negative articles from the first two pages of search results.

Content Creation and Knowledge Panel Optimization

  • Notability Engineering: Enhanced the client’s notability by creating newsworthy stories and leveraging media relationships for article publication, including a feature in Forbes.
  • Wikipedia Development: Constructed a factual and verifiable Wikipedia page using the newly generated content as references.
  • Knowledge Panel Creation: Utilized reverse-engineering techniques to develop a Google Knowledge Panel, drawing from Wikipedia and other authoritative sources.


  • Search Result Transformation: The negative articles from Bloomberg and the New York Times were significantly suppressed, with their visibility reduced to under 1%.
  • Knowledge Panel Success: Successfully established a Knowledge Panel, dominating the client’s search results with accurate information.
  • Digital Footprint Control: Increased control over the first page of search results from 10% to 60%, replacing negative imagery with a curated image carousel.


The efforts of Reputation X effectively reshaped the online narrative for the finance executive, transitioning from a predominantly negative portrayal to a balanced and controlled digital presence. The campaign’s success demonstrates the efficacy of a multifaceted reputation management approach in the face of challenging digital crises.

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