Case Study #35:
Corporate Reputation Repair Case Study by Reputation X

Competitors of our client used negative SEO and damaging local reviews to hurt our client's online reputation. We used a combination of national corporate reputation repair and local review management to solve the problem.

Executive Summary

  • Client: U.S.-based Real Estate Investment Firm
  • Challenge: Addressing negative SEO and damaging local reviews believed to be from competitors
  • Objective: To repair the national corporate reputation and manage local reviews effectively
  • Strategies Implemented: National search result suppression and local review management
  • Outcome: Improved local star ratings and suppressed negative national search results
  • Duration: 10 months

Situation Analysis

A prominent real estate investment firm faced a dual threat: negative SEO tactics employed by competitors and damaging local reviews across various offices in the U.S.

The Challenge

The firm had to counteract the negative impact of:

  1. An attack site with SEO-optimized negative content.
  2. Negative reviews in local search results, coinciding with competitor locations.


The campaign aimed to:

  1. Suppress negative national search results.
  2. Improve local online reviews and ratings.

Solution Set

National Search Result Suppression

  • Background Check: Investigated the blogger behind the attack site, deciding against engagement to avoid further negative content.
  • Content Strategy: Generated positive, SEO-optimized content to push down negative results.

Local Online Review Management

  • Thumbs Up/Down Campaign: Implemented a feedback system to filter customer experiences, directing satisfied customers to review platforms.
  • Complaint Resolution: Provided a direct channel for dissatisfied customers to seek resolution, improving service quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Workflow Development: Created a blueprint for the client to convert positive experiences into positive reviews, resulting in a star rating increase from two to 4.5 within six months.

National Reputation Strategy

  • Search Term Analysis: Identified and targeted key search terms leading to the client's site.
  • Content Development: Created a new web page with a financial calculator optimized for relevant search phrases.
  • SEO Campaign: Conducted a comprehensive SEO campaign for positive content and refreshed social media strategies.
  • Content Calendar: Established a system for ongoing content updates to maintain positive search momentum.



Local Review Improvement

  • Star Rating: Enhanced the firm's star rating from two to 4.5 on review platforms.
  • Customer Sentiment: Shifted online sentiment by improving local conversion rates through effective review management.

National Search Results

  • Suppression Success: Negative content was pushed from the first page of Google to the seventh, with stable results.
  • Organic Search Improvement: The firm's website content saw organic growth and improved search rankings.

Optimized Web Content

  • Enhanced Web Presence: The client's website now features optimized content that serves as a resource for real estate industry queries.

Benefits for the Client

  • Dual Strategy: The combination of review management and ethical SEO practices led to immediate and long-term reputation improvements.
  • Sustainable Results: Eighteen months post-campaign, the firm's reputation continues to strengthen, with the review management tool further improving star ratings.
  • Collaborative Approach: Worked in tandem with the client, providing tailored solutions for a robust corporate reputation.


The firm successfully navigated the complex challenge of negative SEO and local reviews with a strategic approach that delivered both immediate and enduring benefits, reinforcing its reputation and standing in the competitive real estate market.

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