Case Study #57:
Business Wikipedia Article Creation Case Study by Reputation X

Reputation X developed a new Wikipedia article for a financial services company. 

Executive Summary

  • Client: New York-Based Financial Services Firm
  • Challenge: Overcoming the Wikipedia development hurdles for a business in the financial sector
  • Objective: To create and establish a stable Wikipedia presence for the client
  • Strategies Implemented: PR content generation, Wikipedia content integration, and organic article development
  • Outcome: A well-received Wikipedia article with neutral sentiment, ranking second under the client's site in Google search results
  • Duration: Article live within 6 months, ongoing improvements over the year

Situation Analysis

A financial services company in New York faced difficulties in establishing a Wikipedia article due to the business-critical nature of the financial sector and the recent incorporation of the firm.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to navigate the Wikipedia community's skepticism towards business-related content, especially for newly formed companies, and to develop a Wikipedia article that would be accepted and maintained.


The campaign aimed to:

  1. Generate credible, non-promotional reference content suitable for Wikipedia.
  2. Integrate mentions of the client into relevant existing Wikipedia articles.
  3. Encourage the Wikipedia community to accept and organically grow the client's article.

Solution Set

PR Content Generation

  • Strategy Development: Reputation X guided the firm's PR team to produce articles in industry-trusted publications, aligning with Wikipedia's notability requirements.
  • Execution: Within 90 days, the PR team successfully facilitated the publication of five articles that served as robust references for Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Content Integration

  • Content Improvement Plan: Targeted related Wikipedia articles for content enhancement, adding mentions of the client and linking to the eventual article.
  • Community Engagement: Encouraged Wikipedia editors to gain experience by improving similar financial services articles, setting the stage for the client's stub article.

Organic Article Development

  • Stub Article Creation: Directed a knowledgeable editor to create a starter article, meticulously supported by strong references.
  • Community Acceptance: The stub was well-received, attracting edits from the community and establishing its foothold.
  • Article Expansion: Over time, editors were directed to organically expand the article, maintaining a neutral tone and adhering closely to Wikipedia's guidelines.


The Wikipedia article achieved a stable presence, reflecting a neutral point of view and ranking prominently in Google search results across the client's major markets. The article continues to improve organically, demonstrating the success of a strategic and community-integrated approach to Wikipedia development.


The strategic collaboration between Reputation X and the client's PR team, coupled with a deep understanding of Wikipedia's editorial landscape, resulted in the successful creation and nurturing of a Wikipedia article that enhances the firm's online credibility and visibility.

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