Where to Guest Post Now: a Growing List

For reputation repair campaigns we employ guest blogs to support our clients by helping to promote ideas and build links. The list below is a small subset of those that accept guest contributions. So, enjoy this growing list of sites that we’re pretty sure to accept guest blogger articles. The sites in the list below most likely accept third-party posts or in some way, help bloggers by providing things like syndication.Summaries are mainly those of the websites themselves.

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Places to Syndicate Online Content

BlogEngageBlog Engage is a blogging community where bloggers submit their latest blog articles for exposure, backlinks, and traffic. This has a monthly fee starting from GBP 10 (US $14) per feed. Basically, they reproduce whatever is in your RSS feed, then tweet it, automatically.Scoop.itScoop.it is a blog curation site that enables the user to share blog posts about a certain subject. It’s free to join. The site tries to make content publishing much more time-efficient for professionals in general and marketers in particular. Here is an example of a Scoop.it page.

A List of Internet Marketing-Related Blogs

Daily Blog Tips Guest Post Guidelines“Daily Blog Tips” accepts guest posts. This blog publishes two posts per week, usually on Mondays and Wednesdays. It focuses on the “pro” side of blogging – either blogging to support your business or building a blog with the aim of making money.” “You can include one link in the byline, which will be displayed at the bottom of the post” is what they say, but maybe a way to get around that and get one in the article if it’s really relevant (as all links should always be all the time anyway – d’oh!). From the site owner: “I check and respond to all guest post contributions twice a month, so it might take up to two weeks before I get back to you.” TechnoratiTechnorati is a company of advertising technology specialists working toward rewarding the creators of great content. You may have heard of it.Guest Posting on BloggingProAt Blogging News, Tips & Reviews, in order to guest post here, you will have to be a member of My Blog Guest . Of course, MyBlogGuest, run by link goddess Ann Smarty was nailed by Google some time ago (it is said). You can read more here.How To Make My BlogThis site shows 8 steps To Creating An Awesome Blog. Here is where you will find a list of what to do and how to make a successful blog. It’s a pretty cool site, actually – clean and step-by-step. Thanks to the man with the happy hair, Marko Saric.Alex WhalleyAlex makes money online through Niche Sites and Affiliate Marketing. He talks about it here and seems to know what he is doing. (A pretty lame summary, I know, but I’m tired).Smart BlogsThis is where SmartBrief (says) readers exchange ideas and practices. They publish original content for several business verticals: executive leadership and management, social media marketing, education, food and beverage, and finance. To contribute, the editorial staff wants you first to select the particular niche editor and craft/send a pitch describing what you propose to write about. Editors/niches/instructions found here: http://smartblogs.com/interested-in-writing-for-smartblogsGuest Posting on BloggingProTo guest post here at BloggingPro you will have to be a member of My Blog Guest, Andrew Rosen will manage submissions and schedule accepted posts.BetterNetworkerThis is a popular learning site with numerous instructors and community forums. To guest post, need to be a member ($20/month)John ChowThis site has 304,458 Active Daily Readers & Followers – but we haven’t actually counted them. You can get More Exposure for Your Blog with a Guest Post here according to the site. Note: Link goes to a 2008 column inviting guest posts to fill in while he was in Asia. Don’t see any recent GPs on this site.About.comIf you have written an article regarding marketing that you feel could benefit the About Marketing audience? Articles listed on About.com are seen by thousands of viewers each day.TricksDaddyWhen you write for TricksDaddy, along with free backlinks and exposure, you will also make money from your articles with their 100% revenue-sharing program. But the site may be inactive. The last article was 2013.Bank of America Small Business CommunityYou can log in to create and rate content and to follow, bookmark, and share content with other members of the Bank of America Small Business Community. Here is the signup page.BlogitBlogit calls itself the “online writing marketplace”. Here are thoughts from one user, “I feel like I’m cheating on my lover, sneaking off to fondle the keyboard and share secret thoughts with all manner of lurking strangers hidden from sight”. What does that mean? We have no idea.BizcommunityBizcommunity.com has become known as Africa’s premier promotional and news distribution channel via a unique mix of daily industry news and opinion designed to enable business communities in their region.ReadWriteAccording to their site, ReadWrite is now one of the most widely read and respected tech news sites in the world. ReadWrite is a popular site that helps makers and founders learn how to build new technologies and bring them to the masses. ReadWrite has more than 1.6 million Twitter followers according to someone on the internet. Connected InternetWithin Connected Internet, you’ll find a broad collection of tips, tools, news and product reviews. This site is now accepting well-written guest posts. If you are interested in submitting a guest post for review, then please read their guidelines first.ReveNews HistoryReveNews focuses on Internet-related industries such as online marketing, SEM, affiliate marketing, retail (e-commerce), analytics, spyware, blogging and much more. Want to be a guest poster for affiliate marketing? Site says: “Due to the amount of pending content, we are not accepting new guest contributors at this time.”Million CluesA blog about software reviews and tools. If you write a guest post here, they will only publish a maximum of one guest post per week. Yours could be the next, but you must make sure it’s awesome. Bootstrap DashThe folks at BootstrapDash, create amazing, high-quality, responsive admin templates based on the popular front-end development framework, Bootstrap.Apart from this, they also publish unique and engaging articles related to front-end development.Create a WebsiteAccording to them, you can become part of a community and chat with other bloggers and webmasters, (join the forum today!). When we checked, the contributor link was not working, so looks like she’s no longer accepting guest posts. She has another site that is a community forum, but we don’t see any guest posts…just short forum threads.MarCom LandMarCom Land is a place to learn, scrutinize, brainstorm, and create. Topics could include latest news, updates on big corporations, advice for entrepreneurs and business people, as well as case studies on any particular business issue.

Technology Blogs

InstructablesThis site shows the result of freely sharing their work and knowledge. According to the site, Instructables is a place that lets you explore, document and share your creations. Not sure if you can “guest post,” but you can post expert content.TechnotipGuest blogging is an opportunity to show your authority over a topic to a wider audience or new audience. They accept How-to articles, WordPress related, strategies, web 2.0 and similar content as contribution content.Freelance FolderFreelanceFolder is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-at-home business owners, and web-workers.Men with Pens This site is fondly known as The Gauntlet. In fact, it’s been said that having a guest post published on the Men with Pens blog is a badge of honor. The post should be instructional, related to content/writing, and appeal to advanced-knowledge readership; links must go to the related information page and editors may remove at their discretion; author allowed a bio-related link at bottom.TipsoTricksTipsOtricks is technology blog covering articles based on internet, computing, blogging , software and other technology related tips. It has a DA of 29, and a Trust Factor of 6. We checked several articles and didn’t find any links though, but a homeless guy in the city said we should include it on this list anyway.

Health & Fitness Blogs

NaturalNewsThere are no requirements or restrictions on the number of blogs you wish to post. Do as many or as few as you like, on your own schedule.Healthy Wealthy n Wise MagazineThey will evaluate all submissions as soon as they can. No promises will be made as to if, or when, your submission will be added to their site, but they will consider all submissions that meet their guidelines.FitBlogginAs we prepare for Fitbloggin’ 2016 we will open up for more guest blogs. Watch our blog and social channels for updates.

Wedding Related Blogs

WeddingbeeHere they are looking for stylish, smart, and creative brides, bridesmaids, and grooms to join the Weddingbee team as a blogger. They don’t accept many guest bloggers, but some.Inspire BitThey are looking for talented young writers to create original content for their articles section. They are open to anything related to the Internet & Design!Wedding ZonePlease include any information (your name, location, website, email address, etc) that you would like for them to include in your guest article if selected for publication. They will accept any type of wedding-related material for consideration.instantShiftAt this site, anyone can become an author as there is no specific set of requirements or experience needed. They always appreciate new talent. The only skills required from them is your passion toward writing. Warning: links are NOFOLLOW (so of course we made their link nofollow too)

Graphic Design / Photography Blogs

Digital Photography School Do you want a place to display and talk about some of your best photography? This might be the best place to do it.

Mom, Parenting and Women-Related

Marin MommiesThis site, Marin Mommies regularly publishes guest articles by local parents and professionals. They welcome contributions long and short from knowledgeable local authors and experts, on either a regular or occasional basis. We live and work in Marin and some of our spouses are Marin Mommies. You can spot them, they drive BMW’s, have a dog (usually gold-colored), and spend a lot of time parked out in front of Mill Valley Middle School.Work it Momif you’d like to get involved in this community, invite other members to your network, comment on articles, join group discussions, write member notes or ask a question in their Q&A, you have to become a member of Work It, Mom!. It takes just a minute and is absolutely free.Keeper of the HomeIt is time for me to make another plea for some fantastic guest posters, to fill in the gaps during the first 6-8 weeks after this baby is born! (Note: We think this plea was made about seven years ago, so the kid is probably in first grade by now). On site: “**Please note: I am not accepting unsolicited guest posts at this time. Please do not submit one.”SkimbacoAre you a Skimbacoer? A dreamer, a doer, an adventurer of the world? Would you like to share your story at Skimbaco Lifestyle? They have an amazing team of writers, and in addition Skimbaco Lifestyle has featured several great writers in the past, as writing weekly columns and as guest writers.Moms NetworkThe purpose of this magazine and their article area is to get free resources and information to moms and also to give moms who are “experts” and writers a chance for some free exposure for their business and website. Family CornerBy submitting an article to FamilyCorner.com® you hereby grant them permission to publish it and edit it for length and content, as necessary, without monetary compensation. From site: Due to the high volume of spam received, our form has been removed. If you are a serious author looking to submit an article for consideration, please send it to webmom@familycorner.com) Also, last “real” article was published in 2013.Surf Net ParentsIf you are you a writer or a blogger? Do you have something to share with the world? Why not submit a guest blog post? You may write about any aspect of parenting and family, or anything that would be of interest to parents. They are looking for first-person posts written in a blogging, editorial, or columnist style. We think this is inactive; the last post was in 2014.CT Working MomsWhile CT Working Moms is mainly led by 30 permanent writers, they do encourage their readers to submit guest blogs for consideration.They are a community, first and foremost, and we want to help lift up the voices and experiences of their fellow working moms in the state.Money Savvy MommaSaving Money, Spending Less & Working from Home. Submission of your guest post does not guarantee publication. Your submission will be reviewed. If they feel it will benefit their readers they will likely publish it. Posts should be about budgeting, saving money, Blogging, working from home, or advice.

Financial Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

Finance Blog ZoneFinance Blog Zone actually pays people to write for them, so it might be worth a shot to move this one to the top of your list. When we last checked, the DA was only 14, but they are trying to grow aggressively.Financially PoorYour time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. The site owner says he charges $250 for a guest post, which is permanent and contains up to three links. Site has a DA of 31.Seeking Alpha ContributorSeeking Alpha is a platform for investment research, with broad coverage of stocks, asset classes, ETFs and investment strategy. In contrast to other equity research platforms, insight is provided by investors and industry experts rather than sell-side analysts. They say they are looking for contributors.Financial SenseIf you wish to contribute to this site, submit your request by selecting “Become a contributor” on the Contact Us form. Please include your name, areas of interest / topics covered, a sample of prior work, and the reason for wanting to become a contributor on Financial Sense. “Become a contributor”.Cash Money LifeA site about personal finance and careers. The site doesn’t accept guest posts unless you get to know the owner, who says “ I’m easy to get to know. You can get to know me by contacting me, leaving comments on my sites, exchanging emails, hitting me up on Twitter, participating in forums or FaceBook groups where I hang out, meeting me in person at conferences, etc. The site says it is ”looking for guest authors.Smart On MoneyThey are always looking for well-written guest posts to mix things up on SmartOnMoney.com. Smart On Money was launched in May of 2010 as a place talk about the topic that they love learning and sharing about, personal finance. They are open to submitting your article(s) for consideration.Lazy Man and MoneyYou can avoid rejection by following the tips listed below. From site owner: “I get over 20 requests for guest posts a week, and I can publish 1 at most.” For guest posts with self-serving links, he charges $225. The DA of the site is 54, but Majestic.com shows a steady decrease in links over time.Money Saving MomThe site says that it quickly became one of the highest-trafficked personal finance blogs on the web. And it just kept on growing! You should know that “submissions which appear to be strictly PR- or SEO-related will not be accepted.” But it looks like you can include link to your site in your bio.Blogging Away DebtThere is no reason to be shy. Whether this will be your first guest post or you’ve become known as an expert in your field, we welcome you to submit a guest post. We realise that everyone has to begin somewhere (yes, we were there once too) and gladly will help you reach a wider audience. October 2011 appears to the the last activity.Planting DollarsUp until recently they haven’t accepted any guest posts for Planting Dollars, but would like to change that. If you’d like to promote your site via guest posting (the strategy that ranked me 122,261 on Alexa within two months of launch) they will be accepting them from now on. Guest posting is a great way to get your name out there and gain a backlink to your site at the same time.Bible Money MattersIf you are a blogger and are interested in submitting your article(s) for consideration, please read the guidelines. (Companies, PR companies, SEO companies and those just looking for links need not apply).

Elite Personal Finance
Elite Personal Finance is a highly trusted finance blog with some of the best content in the finance sector. The site is always looking for talented writers who want to share their guest posts on our site, and they pay $100 per financial guest post.

Other Blogs

How To Do ThingsTheir growing online library features advice from experts, knowledgeable hobbyists and enthusiastic amateurs who are serious about saving you time, money, and unnecessary mistakes. Looks like a promising place to syndicate.Simple HomeschoolA blog about home schooling. Your editor has done rather a lot of it. If you like writing about it, this might be a good place.Advisory HQAdvisory HQ is looking for financial advisors, wealth managers, financial professionals, accountants, and industry thought leaders to contribute their knowledge, opinions, and perspectives relating to general or financial industry specific topics.From Playgrounds To PoliticsMomma of three young kids, husbanded up and always distracted, all guest posts must be original and never have been published before on the Internet. Guest posts may include a 2-3 sentence author bio, 1-2 links to the author’s website, blog or social media profiles that may be included in the bio.Taxi For Cupid Do You Write About Online Dating? Here they are looking to publish high quality guest articles around the topics of online dating and general relationship problems and advice. In return you will receive a followed author credit link to a URL of your choice at the end of your submitted article. Pretty low DA though. Haley’s VintageBlogging and Social Media Tips, all posts must be family friendly with no curse words. Submission must include a relevant image and a square Bio image. If post is selected they will email you for images.<a href="http://intheplayroom.co.uk/submit-a-guest-post/" ta

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