Do these things to boost Instagram traffic - and sales

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Do these things to boost Instagram traffic - and sales

Businesses today, no matter how small or large, are struggling hard to come up with more innovative ideas to increase engagement and sales. Instagram offers brands the perfect opportunity to market their products or services and attract a wider audience. In 2020, more and more businesses will use Instagram as a shopping tool and long-form video platform to meet their conversion goals.

Your brand can also take maximum advantage of this amazing social media marketing tool to take your online presence to the next level. But the question is: How do you attract your potential audience and convince them to convert? Don’t worry; this post will teach you how to succeed at it.

Let’s explore how your small business can use this marketing channel and how you can create captivating content and interesting videos to increase your online reach and achieve your sales goals in 2020 and beyond.

Instagram Marketing Techniques

Focus on Aesthetics

Okay, let’s start with choosing the Instagram aesthetics (colors, texture, patterns, fonts, style) you want for your business profile. Keep in mind that your Instagram profile plays a key role in converting viewers into followers and then customers. Therefore, it is important to perfectly create Instagram aesthetics that display your brand’s unique style and tone.

Your Instagram feed can make or break your brand image, so it is important to post unique and interesting content that makes visitors hit the follow button. Do some research and visit the profiles of your competitors to get a better idea of how your feed will look like. Make sure to maintain consistency in colors, tone, style, format and photos to create a perfect balance on your feed.

taco bell

Taco Bell

Nike, GoPro, SquareSpace, Red Bull, Taco Bell, and other famous brands are getting maximum engagement by focusing on the Instagram aesthetics.

Of course, getting verified on Instagram can help too.

Collaborate with Micro-Influencers

A study suggests that 82% of users trust micro-influencers’ recommendations before making a buying decision. In fact, for consumers, the recommendation of micro-influencers is more powerful and trustworthy than an ad. This is why more and more brands are trying to reach micro-influencers for getting a trusted recommendation to run a successful influencer marketing campaign.

For many marketers, finding the right influencer is a challenging task. With the help of manual search or influencer-search tools, you can find relevant influencers for your business. Once you find the right micro-influencer for your brand, it’s time to collaborate with those who have a higher number of followers and get more likes, comments and shares on their post.

While making an influencer selection, make sure the influencer is authentic and only posts relevant content for their followers. Their followers trust them at a greater rate than Instagram accounts of brands. So, reach out to micro-influencers on Instagram to promote your brand because they create fresh and organic content to impress their audience.

Use AR Filters

To make your Instagram posts more creative and reach younger individuals, you can use AR filters. With AR filters, your brand can create more interactive Instagram stories and generate maximum engagement. Since the feature is new, and only a few brands are making the most of it, using AR filters will help your brand stand out from your competitors.

Brands can create their customized AR filters for Instagram Stories using Spark AR Studio and create custom AR effects to make content more interesting. You can also try Instagram’s new Effects Gallery option to come up with more interesting filters.

It has become easier for brands to choose from a variety of tones, colors, and effects and choose a perfect filter to add 3D effects to your Instagram Stories to really bring them to life.

Have a look at this example from Coca-Cola Poland that creatively used an AR filter.

coca cola


Instagram Shopping

The trend of shop-able posts will continue to grow in 2020 while allowing brands to display their products and increase their conversion rate. Brands can harness the power of Instagram’s new feature, Instagram Shopping, that makes it easier for consumers to purchase their desired product on social media. Shopping from Creators makes the online shopping experience simple and convenient, while allowing brands to add shopping tags to their posts.

With this feature, you can now tag your products in your post, and your followers can click on the shopping tag and purchase the desired product without leaving the app. This feature allows influencers and brands to sell products directly through their accounts, which helps brands to drive more conversions and sales.



To use the Instagram Shopping feature, you must have an Instagram business account that is linked to the Facebook account. This feature provides brands and online sellers to connect directly with their customers and give your followers an easier way to shop.

If you are thinking of making more sales from Instagram, follow these simple tips:

  • Place product tags in your post
  • Add product stickers in your Instagram Stories
  • Use the Shop tab on your Instagram profile
  • Add swipe-up links on Instagram Stories that takes users to specific landing pages

Create IGTV Series

Instagram TV is an amazing feature that allows brands to post longer videos (up to 60 minutes). By posting more long-form video content, you can grab the attention of your followers and increase brand awareness. There are hundreds of thousands of ways to make interesting IGTV videos and engage your audience. For instance, you can:

  • Showcase your company culture
  • Share behind-the-scene product making
  • Highlight customer testimonials
  • Host Q&A sessions
  • Play how-to and explainer videos

Today’s consumers are taking more interest in watching IGTV videos, which gives marketers a challenge to provide more value for their audience. In October 2019, Instagram announced its new tool, IGTV series that provides brands a chance to come up with more interesting long-form video content. Creators can categorize their videos into dedicated collections and viewers can subscribe to their favorite series and get notified when the newest episode is out.

It is predicted that the IGTV series will be the most famous Instagram marketing trend of 2020 that allows small business owners to create engaging video content and connect to their audience on a whole new level. If you are thinking of sharing a weekly recipe, beauty hacks, digital marketing tips, web design strategies, inbound marketing techniques or any topic that truly relates to your brand and your audience would love to watch, it is a great strategy to engage your audience

Let’s take an example of Lele Pons:

The famous YouTube and Instagram personality started a cooking show “What’s Cooking with Lele Pons” and shares interesting recipes with her mom Anna.

Incorporate User-Generated Content

You will definitely see a major boost in your conversions and sales when you give your audience reasons to buy from your business. Incorporating user-generated content is a sensible way to grab viewers’ attention and show them your products or services are liked and loved by real users. 55% of consumers trust UGC over branded content. Marketers can make the most of user-generated content by providing their audience with regular fresh and unique content to engage them. Many small and large brands are taking maximum advantage of UGC and adding images and videos of real users while using their products.

Have a look at this example of a Cosmetics brand, Lush:



The brand is strategically using UGC and sharing the images and videos of real users using their face masks and other beauty products. It gives potential customers a sense of encouragement and reason to purchase their products. Your brand can also harness the power of UGC and strengthen your Instagram marketing strategy.

Capitalize on the Instagram Explore Page

Brands can make the most of the Instagram Explore Page to generate awareness of your brand and get a lot of engagement. Basically, the Instagram Explore page appears as the search function for Instagram, and allows users to get the most relevant content they are looking for based on their past interests and likes. The Explore algorithm carefully analyzes the interests of users and then generates content that perfectly matches with their interests.

Instagram explore page

Marketers should try their best to land a spot on Instagram’s Explore page because when your branded content shows up there, chances are you will connect to a wider userbase and expand your potential market.

Instagram explore page animals


To put it in a nutshell, it is an authentic way to get recognition for your brand. When your social media marketing team tries hard to boost your brand’s presence on the Explore page, you will get more likes and engagement, attract new customers, and sell more products. To get your content featured on the Explore page, you need to build a deeper understanding of your target audience and share the right content at the right time to the right users.

Instagram Stories Ads

Being an Instagram user, I prefer to watch stories instead of scrolling through the feed. I’m sure you also do the same. A survey suggests that more than 400 million users watch Instagram Stories regularly, and the majority of them like to view stories of brands and businesses. So how can your business take advantage of it? You can run ads in Stories to get more followers and increase sales.

But how do you create Instagram Stories ads that actually convince and convert? Here are a few ways:

  • Try video ads that play up to 15 seconds, a still image, or carousel ads that play up to 3 pieces of content.
  • Make sure your brand message is short and concise.
  • Add your business logo to increase brand awareness.
  • The aesthetics of your Stories ads should match with your profile’s style.
  • Add a compelling CTA to persuade visitors to swipe up and visit your website to convert.

Use TikTok’s Editing App to Edit Instagram Stories

If you want to make your Instagram Stories out-of-the-box, why not try TikTok’s video editor? TikTok’s amazing video editing features have made it one of the best and easy-to-use editing apps available today. By using the TikTok video editor, you can come up with more interesting Instagram Stories that will grab the attention of your potential audience.

The editing app allows you to record the video in one attempt or in segments. If you want to shoot in segments, you can simply pause the recording to review the recording and delete the specific part of the video you want to remove. It is the easiest way to rerecord the video without having to start from scratch. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide variety of effects, filters, and tools to make eye-catching Instagram Stories.

If you want to try other editing apps to enhance your Instagram Stories and get maximum engagement, here is a list of editing apps:

  • StoryArt
  • Typorama
  • PhotoGrid
  • Adobe Spark
  • 8mm
  • Unfold
  • InShort

Are you ready to reach a wider audience and make money on Instagram in 2020? If so, try any of these Instagram marketing hacks or and get ready for making your brand a huge success.

Instagram traffic FAQs

How can I increase my Instagram traffic?

Focus on Aesthetics. Collaborate with Micro-Influencers. Use AR Filters. Instagram Shopping. Create IGTV Series. Incorporate User-Generated Content. Capitalize on the Instagram Explore Page. Create Instagram Stories Ads. Use TikTok’s Editing App to Edit Instagram Stories.

How can I create engaging IGTV videos?

Showcase your company culture. Share behind-the-scene product making. Highlight customer testimonials. Host Q&A sessions. Play how-to and explainer videos.

How do you create Instagram story ads that convert?

Them most important thing is to create an engaging ad that fits in well with your brand. Try video ads that play up to 15 seconds, a still image, or carousel ads that play up to 3 pieces of content. Make sure your brand message is short and concise. Add your business logo to increase brand awareness. Add a compelling CTA to persuade visitors to swipe up and visit your website to convert.

What are the best editing apps for Instagram stories?

The best editing apps for Instagram stories are StoryArt, Typorama, PhotoGrid, Adobe Spark, 8mm, Unfold, and InShort.

What are some tips to make the Instagram algorithm work in my favor?

Make sure that you post often. This will keep your posts fresh and engaging. Increase both the quality and quantity of your posts. The algorithm will automatically break up multiple photos so that these are diversified when people view it. Be personable. Use hashtags well. Run contests. Encourage users to turn on notifications.