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8 min read

Anatomy of Search Results & How to Rank

Published on 04/15/19 4:35 PM PST by Brianne Schaer

It takes hard work to snag a spot on the first page of Google search results. There are many aspects to consider, such as creating relevant content, incorporating relevant keywords and links, and crafting an enticing search result that makes people want to click on it. But before you can craft content that excels, you need to understand how it might be displayed. 

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6 min read

What is Reputation Capital?

Published on 04/02/19 12:25 PM PST by Brianne Schaer

Reputation capital is the value of the intangible assets of a business. Anything from reviews to brand identity can build reputation capital, and it can essentially be summarized in one word: trust. How much do people trust your business? The more trust there is in your business, the greater its reputation capital.

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