5 Hacks to improve your brand's reputation with videos

The next time you want to tell your company’s story, why not try a video? It’s a great way to connect with your customers — it’s personal. People consume video content more than any other type of media.

In fact, many are watching videos monthly — 85% of all internet users in the USA. The younger population (25-34) is currently the biggest group but older generations are catching up at a fast pace.

Video content consumption

This only means that your business needs to up its game by creating different types of videos that will help both your customers and your brand’s reputation.

Keep in mind, building an admirable brand image for your business means working on multiple elements of your mixed media strategy:

  • Captivating social media writing
  • Regularly communicating with customers
  • Maintaining credible SEO
  • Designing appealing visuals

But nowadays, using videos in your strategy is a must. Did you know, ever since Google bought YouTube, even your SEO highly depends on YouTube videos? That’s why you need to start making compelling videos.

Pro tip: use storytelling

When there’s an idea there’s a story. Explain your brand’s origins, how your product can help others, and how you value your employees and customers. By telling all these stories, you will likely create a positive vibe around your company. And what’s a better way to tell a story, if not with a video?

Making videos about your product is something you’ll probably do anyway. But, if you want to improve your reputation, seriously consider making a video where you tell how your brand was created, whose idea it was, and how it went through highs and lows.

The purpose and vision of your brand is a great story to be told and it can help showcase your brand’s identity. It can drastically influence the perception of your customers, as well. This way you can humanize your brand and customers will feel closer to you, which can result in a loyal relationship.

Here’s how.

  • Illustrate your product with animated explainer videos
  • Help your customers with educational videos
  • Show appreciation with “thank you” videos
  • Show them how it’s done with tutorial videos
  • Excite with voice over

5 Hacks to improve your online reputation and brand image with videos

Illustrate your product with animated explainer videos

Explainer videos are usually animated videos that can cover a complex theme in less than a few minutes. If you can demonstrate your service (or product) in a simple, concise way, you might get great results. And people watch these videos a lot — Wyzowl found that 96% of people watched a video to get more information about a product.

This type of video is a powerful and engaging piece that, when combined with a great design can:

  • Attract potential clients
  • Drive traffic (conversions)
  • Generate positive brand awareness
  • Increase the average on-site time

With awesome storytelling, you can create conversations around your product and convince the indecisive ones that it can help them. You should explain how it works, help them understand why it exists, and introduce them to it as an ideal solution for their problems.

Help your customers with educational videos

Educational videos are a great way to promote your brand and improve its position on the market. On one hand, you inform and educate your potential customers, and on the other, you present yourself as a company that cares about them and their needs.

With educational videos, you’ll be able to cover any subject in a fun and simple manner. This is especially a great hack for improving your online reputation — not only will you be taking away problems that your audience might encounter, but you’ll also establish yourself as a great source of information. Unlike explainer videos, which are straightforward about the way something works, educational videos are more of a learning video that teaches viewers about a topic in general.

These types of videos will likely help you:

  • Build authority
  • Set up a trustworthy identity
  • Improve your brand’s publicity
  • Rank higher in organic search

Pro tip: Try collecting information about your customers’ interest in your brand or misconceptions. You’ll find great topic ideas for videos in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Show appreciation with “thank you” videos

Improving your brand’s identity with this type of video is an awesome strategy. Expressing your gratitude to a customer is a great way to boost your reputation.

There are many different reasons to thank your customers:

  • Making a purchase
  • Subscribing to a newsletter
  • Following you on social media
  • Creating an account on your website/app

The use of a “thank you” video will evoke a delightful experience by making them feel appreciated and improving your overall image. If they feel valued, they’ll be more likely to return. There are many reasons why these customer service videos are important. They will improve your brand image, as well as conversions. Customers like to feel special, so this hack can prove to be essential. 

Thanking them with a personalized video further nurtures your connection. Establishing that kind of link will also increase the chance for more than a one-time purchase. 93% of customers are prone to buy from a company again if they had a great experience with their customer service.

Show them how it’s done with tutorial videos

You can argue that tutorial videos are educational as well, but they have a different structure and purpose. They do educate, but their main goal is to teach customers how to use a product or a service. These videos are completely straightforward and explain the process step by step.

Improve your online reputation with videos

They are great for improving your customer experience, as it helps them handle your product easier. People can get frustrated when they have trouble understanding your merchandise and how it works. By carefully explaining every step of the way, you might prevent some negative feedback and build a positive image for your brand!

Excite with voice over

This hack can prove to be as important as any. There’s something about a confident and friendly voice that somehow captivates listeners. Choose a voice actor that can represent your brand’s identity, a distinct voice that has that element of “catchiness.” It helps your video stay in the minds of your audience.

You’ll want to partner up with a voice actor with whom you’ll collaborate in the long run. Having a voice that is recognizable and associated with your brand will help you improve your brand’s image by being consistent.

There’s a lot of talent out there. If you dig a little deeper, you can probably find an actor who will fit your brand like a hand fits a glove. Test your luck on some of these websites — Peopleperhour, Fiverr, Upwork, Voices.com, etc.

Final thoughts

It’s almost common knowledge how important it is to use video marketing as a part of your branding strategy in 2021. You can enhance relationships with your customers by creating some of the different types of videos discussed in this blog.

Focus on building and maintaining a great relationship with your customers. Make your videos attractive using catchy music, animations, and voiceovers. Tell your stories by humanizing your brand and educate them every step of the way — from how it helps their life, to how your product works. Be mindful of your customers’ feelings, since they all want to feel valued!

Try to use these hacks to improve your customers’ experience — your brand image will follow!

Video FAQs

How do I create an engaging video?

Use storytelling. Explain your brand’s origins, how your product can help others, and how you value your employees and customers. By telling all these stories, you will likely create a positive vibe around your company.

What types of videos should I make to build my brand? 

Consider creating the following types of videos. Explainer videos to illustrate your product. Educational videos to help your customers. Thank you videos to show appreciation. Tutorial videos to show them how it’s done.

What are the benefits of videos?

Videos can attract potential clients, drive traffic, generate positive brand awareness, increase the average on-site time, build authority, set up a trustworthy identity, improve your brand’s publicity, and rank higher in organic search.

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