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Carmine Mastropierro

9 min read

Finding online influencers in any industry


The best reputation management firms use some degree of influencer outreach to promote a positive online image for their clients. They're working to change the narrative about a person or brand, so third-party affirmation and brand amplification is important to reinforce brand messaging.

In its best form, influencer marketing is a mutually beneficial relationship: companies leverage influencers in order to get more people talking about specific aspects of a brand or person, and influencers get compensated for their efforts in the form of promotion and compensation from brands.

Before you rush out to find influencers, ask yourself this question. Who are the ideal, or right, influencers are for your company? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question (and if you haven’t, you should), you probably have an idea of why a particular influencer is a great fit. Perhaps they have a large following in an industry you’re trying to reach, they have expertise in a field that’s crucial to your business, or they have a personal story that will help attract your target market.

Remember that it's usually more productive to start with small- and medium-sized influencers, who may be more receptive than larger influencers because they are easier to reach. It's also easier to get something published or featured on their site, which can help your message get in front of a larger audience.

Once you've decided which type of influencers you'd like to work with, it's time to start the search. Here are a few methods to find influencers online.