Healthcare Reputation Management Case Study

We reduced the visibility of negative content that was driving patients away. We leveraged Wikipedia, fresh content, search engine marketing, and public relations to dramatically reduce opportunity loss.

Executive Summary

  • Industry: Medical
  • Entity: Individual Physician
  • Challenge: Negative online content due to a dismissed legal case
  • Strategies Employed: Content Dilution, Suppression, and Protection
  • Outcome: Improved online reputation and visibility of positive content
  • Duration: 8 Months (Initial changes observed after 60 days)

Importance of Healthcare Reputation

  • Relevance: A Google study indicates that 94% of individuals seeking healthcare providers consider the provider’s online reputation.
  • Research Behavior: 85% of potential patients utilize a combination of online and offline resources to evaluate healthcare providers.

Client Background

The Challenge

  • Our client, a reputable physician, faced a significant challenge when a dismissed malpractice lawsuit led to negative search engine snippets, impacting her professional reputation.

Our Mandate

  • Objective: Reputation X was commissioned to enhance the physician’s online presence by mitigating the impact of the negative content.
  • Approach: Our strategy focused on diluting the negative content’s prominence in search results, as direct removal from the aggregator site and Google was not feasible.


Research and Development

  1. Persona Creation: We crafted an “ideal” search result persona based on positive content associated with peer physicians.
  2. Content Strategy:
    • Suppression: Targeted the negative content by promoting positive narratives.
    • Dilution: Introduced new, authoritative content to overshadow the negatives.
    • Protection: Implemented measures to safeguard against future reputation damage.
    • Seeding: Generated and distributed content that showcased the client’s expertise.

Leveraging Digital Assets

  1. Wikipedia Presence: Established a Wikipedia page, leveraging newly acquired citations and media coverage to meet notability criteria.
  2. Web Development: Directed authoritative backlinks from national charities to enhance the client’s digital footprint.
  3. Online Promotion: Boosted domain authority of positive review sites through strategic content placement and link building.


  • Visibility: Visibility of the negative online content went from 90% visibility to <3% visibility within six months. 
  • Control: The client achieved significant control over the narrative and branding on the first page of search results.

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