Law Firm Reputation Management Case Study

Executive Summary

  • Client: Renowned Regional Law Firm
  • Challenge: A single highly visible negative blog post undermining the firm’s established trust and marketing efforts
  • Objective: To diminish the negative blog post’s visibility and impact
  • Strategies Employed: Digital Investigation, Content Creation, Outreach, and Search Engine Marketing
  • Outcome: Visibility of the negative blog was reduced from 90% to less than 3%. That is, less than 3% of people saw the post after our work was complete.
  • Duration: Initial improvement observed within 90 days


The client, a leading law firm known for its aggressive marketing and exceptional service in representing accident victims, faced an online reputation threat that was affecting their client acquisition.

The Challenge

Despite a strong advertising presence, the firm’s potential clients were being swayed by a highly-ranked negative blog post that surfaced during brand-related searches, leading to a noticeable loss in business opportunities.


The primary aim was to neutralize the negative blog post’s influence, either through removal or by significantly reducing its search engine visibility.

Approach & Strategy

1. Removal Efforts

  • Digital Forensics: Utilized innovative techniques, including a tracking pixel in an email, to uncover the blog owner’s location.
  • Identification: Narrowed down potential suspects who might have motives against the firm, although conclusive identification was not possible.
  • Outreach: Made several attempts to contact the blog owner to discuss the content, all of which were met with silence.

2. Suppression Tactics

  • Content Dominance: Developed a content strategy to overshadow the negative post with positive narratives about the firm’s achievements and client testimonials.
  • Industry Collaboration: Engaged with industry influencers and media to amplify the reach of positive content.
  • SEO Campaigns: Implemented targeted search engine marketing to boost the rankings of favorable content.


  • Search Result Shift: The negative blog post’s prominence in search results began to wane within the first 90 days.
  • Suppression Success: Over time, the post was demoted to the bottom of the first page and eventually to the second page, significantly diminishing its influence.


Through a combination of strategic content dissemination and savvy search engine marketing, the law firm’s reputation was safeguarded, and the negative blog post’s impact was successfully mitigated.

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