Five ways to solidify your e-commerce brand's reputation

Implement these five strategies to solidify your e-commerce brand’s reputation and give your business an online presence customers rave about.  

E-commerce brands are multiplying due to the increased use of technology and interest in convenient, comfortable, safe purchasing solutions.

E-commerce can expand your brand’s reach and take full advantage of a broader customer base. To develop an e-commerce brand worthy of loyal customers, you must start with authentic customer connection strategies that prompt a positive reputation

Here’s an overview of five proven ways to solidify your brand’s reputation that are outside of traditional customer service-based strategies. 

Five ways to solidify your e-commerce brand's reputation

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Building your e-commerce brand’s reputation is rooted in your customer’s needs, values, and wants. Many businesses grow their reputations through improving their customer service by providing:

  • The option of talking to a live representative to resolve a customer issue.
  • Quick resolution times for customer issues.
  • Communication throughout the resolution process.
  • A completely online system for customer service issues.
  • Transparent communication and engagement with customers who express issues in social media comments and DMs.

These businesses then depend on word-of-mouth marketing to spread the word on just how attentive their business is to customer issues. Think Zappos.

But instead of focusing solely on improving your customer service strategies as a means of building your brand’s reputation, diversify your strategy with techniques that create an emotional connection with your customers. 

It’s more challenging than ever to stand out in the world of e-commerce because of the sudden shift to online buying prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. To successfully navigate the intricate waters of building a good business reputation and stand out among a growing field of competitors, solidify your e-commerce brand’s reputation using these five strategies: 

Provide solid content across all of your digital platforms

One way to build trust with your current customers and attract ideal customers is to provide actionable, valuable, high-quality content. Authentically sharing your brand’s story and your customers’ stories through visual and written content humanizes your brand and stirs up an emotional connection. 

You can also use content marketing to share information about your industry, how to use your products/services, and actionable tips for thriving through the pain points your brand addresses. All of your digital platforms should adhere to the same quality content standards. Each piece should be shared with some structure in mind as to when they roll out and on what platforms. 

Here are some examples of opportunities to provide a consistent content experience for your visitors:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Slideshows
  • Live feeds
  • Social media captions and stories
  • Product messaging
  • Website content
  • Emails
  • Images

Remember that consistency prompts trust. 

Establish a social media presence

A website and email marketing strategy just aren’t enough on their own to ensure you’re reaching as many online shoppers as possible. Social media is quickly becoming a marketer’s favorite playground for building trust with their target audiences. It’s in your best interest to use online shops and marketplaces on platforms like Instagram and Facebook as consumers are making more and more purchases through social media apps. 

Your social media presence should be made up of the platforms most used by your customer base. You should focus your efforts on quality posts that include images, videos, and other content that resonates strictly with your ideal customer. 

Refrain from trying to engage with everyone on each platform as it can drain your marketing budget and be counterproductive to your overall goal of establishing a social media presence. 

Share your social responsibility commitment

According to Sellbrite’s actionable guide for building an e-commerce brand, “70% of consumers would opt for a brand because of its cause, and 53% would not invest in a company that doesn’t support a good cause.” Especially in the wake of this ongoing pandemic, people are looking for more socially responsible ways of living. 

They’re more likely to support your brand and vouch for your reputation if you’ve taken the time to align your company with causes, charities, and nonprofits that represent exactly who you are. Identify essential values for your brand and those of your customers to find a social responsibility sweet spot. 

Share your ongoing commitment to improving their lives and the lives of others through social media, newsletters, blog content, events, and announcements. These commitments could include donating a percentage of purchases to a specific charity, presenting products or services to those in need, teaming up with a nonprofit for a fundraiser, and so forth. 

Research to no end

This strategy is a behind-the-scenes suggestion but still essential to developing a positive brand reputation. Researching to no end ensures you’re rooting your reputation in the care and concern for your customers. 

The more details you know about your customers, the better you can serve them and the better your reputation is in your market. You can speak directly to what they want, how they communicate and absorb information, and what they need and value most. The more you know about your competitors and the current market conditions, the easier you can position your brand as a top choice. 

Sufficient target audience and market research reveal customer behavior patterns, relevant messaging, products, and services with positive responses, product- or campaign-related feedback, industry trends, and your business’ overall position in the market. Be sure to get permanent, professional eyes on this data by hiring a market research analyst, in-house or otherwise.

Guarantee a secure online shopping experience

New brands are launching daily and dominating their respective industries. As people take full advantage of this newly expanded pool of product/service options, a secure payment portal and browsing experience top the list of consumer requirements for a pleasant online shopping experience. 

A data breach could severely damage your e-commerce brand’s reputation. So, you must prioritize a secure online shopping experience to solidify your e-commerce brand’s reputation. Provide a seamless website experience by ensuring that all the elements of your site are working together: 

  • Overall site design
  • User experience
  • Navigation system
  • Payment process

Consumers are shifting their loyalty to brands that offer top-tier security when using their websites. You should ensure your website has an SSL certificate, that you’re conducting necessary plugin and software updates regularly, regularly backing up your website data, maintaining email security, and using an expert third party for payment processing. 

E-commerce brand reputation FAQs

How can customer service improve my e-commerce brand's reputation? 

Many businesses improve their reputation by providing excellent customer service. Here are a few ways to do that: offer to speak to a live representative to resolve issues, quickly resolve any issues, communicate throughout the resolution process, and provide online communication options.

How can I improve my e-commerce brand's reputation? 

Improve your e-commerce brand's reputation by: providing solid content across all of your digital platforms, establishing a social media presence, sharing your social responsibility commitment, researching to no end, and guaranteeing a secure online shopping experience. 

Why is it important to share my brand's social responsibility commitment? 

Especially in the wake of this ongoing pandemic, people are looking for more socially responsible ways of living. 70% of consumers would opt for a brand because of its cause, and 53% would not invest in a company that doesn’t support a good cause.

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