How to Increase Traffic to Your Social Accounts

Your social media accounts are powerful tools that can help you reach new audiences and improve your follower counts through top-notch posts and content. Social media marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the marketing world, and businesses must plan to build those accounts to reach new potential customers. These platforms are no longer just a place for brands and companies to connect with their followers, but also tools to expand their reach online.

However, building traffic to your social media profiles is easier said than done and requires careful planning and strategy. Many organizations want to improve their social media accounts but do not know the best places to start. If you’re looking for ways to build more traffic to your accounts, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn all about increasing traffic to your social media accounts. 

Optimize your profile

The bio section on your social media profile is an important part of your social media account and should be carefully optimized. The bio section is the first place your audience will look when they stumble across your profile and want to learn more about your business and brand. Since this section is how people can learn about your business, it should be carefully thought out and establish your tone and style. Your company bio is also a place for you to share your company culture, goals, and why you stand apart from your competition. 

The more unique your bio is, the better your chance of generating leads and setting yourself apart from your competition. To optimize your social media bio section, don’t write your business’s entire life story. Instead, write a couple of captivating and informative sentences representing your business, leaving your audience excited to learn more with a strong call to action. 

A social media audience can tell when a brand is authentic, so try not to fret over making the perfect bio right off the bat. Just tell your audience what is important and forget all the rest. And don’t forget to include links in your bio to your website, promotional pages, or whatever page you want to build traffic to increase your online optimization. 

How to Increase Traffic to Your Social Accounts

Timing is everything

The time you publish your posts should be more thought out than you may have initially thought. Different social media platforms have different preferences and algorithms that can affect your content’s performance. Depending on the social media platform, your audience will be more active at certain points in the day than others and may be looking for more activity from the accounts they follow on one platform over another. 

  • Instagram users look for more activity from the accounts they follow and are more likely to be online outside of work and school hours, so you can comfortably post frequently during those times. 
  • Linkedin users will be more active during work hours, but don’t want nearly as much content from the accounts they follow, so it’s better to minimize how many posts you publish to about once or twice a week during business hours. 
  • With Facebook, you aim to post around twice daily to keep yourself in line with Facebook’s engagement algorithms. 
  • Posting often is key, but quality is arguably the most important here. It does not matter if you post the perfect amount of content at the perfect times if your content is not working with your audience. 

In addition to the frequency you post on different social media platforms, it’s also important to pay attention to the time you post them. As we said earlier, users on LinkedIn are more likely to be active during business hours, but this can vary depending on your specific audience. This is why it is essential to measure engagement on your marketing campaigns for each social platform to see what posts get the most engagement and at what times so you can effectively plan for future posts. Utilize the data you find with these kinds of metrics to effectively post your content online. 

Engage your audience

The content you post on your social media platforms should be less about you and your business and more centered around your audience. You want to provide valuable content to ensure your posts and accounts perform well. Here’s how to do it:

  • Include call-to-actions in your social media profiles and posts to help engage your audience
  • Ask open-ended questions that encourage comments
  • Create polls
  • Ask for feedback
  • Host promotions and contests
  • Ask your customers to partner with you for testimonials on products they’ve purchased

The best social media pages and users make a living off of connecting with their audiences on a personal level. As a brand, you should try any approach that separates you from your business competitors and gives you a personal touch. 

Your posts should avoid overly business-like language and opt for a more conversational tone. Your audience has a higher chance of engaging with your content if it matches the casual tone of the rest of their feed. Centering your posts around your audience can help you get more engagement from your posts and help you build leads and better the reach of your posts. 

High-powered visuals

The visuals you include on your social media posts are your first impression with your audience. Visuals not only support your post’s message but can also help interest and attract the audience you reach to dive deeper into your post and encourage them to tune in for your future posts or even subscribe or follow your account. Visuals help interest your audience more than text alone, so it’s essential to use high-powered visuals to excite the social media users you reach. 

While you can get away with stock images from time to time if you want your posts to stand out and shine, come up with authentically produced images owned by your business.

Engage your audience and bring more traffic to your accounts by:

  • Using images taken for your business
  • Using photos taken by team members
  • Producing your own graphics

It may be time-consuming, but the extra time and effort to create these graphics will prove fruitful for your business engagement analytics and traffic. 

Consider creating informative and powerful infographics to capture and summarize the information in your blog posts, case studies, or white papers to bring some authority to your business profiles. This can help your audience better understand the information in your posts and attract them with high-quality visuals. 

Create shareable content

Every social media platform allows users to repost content to their own profiles or share it with other followers. Targeting shares is a great way to boost traffic to your social media accounts and reach new users. Sharing content helps improve your referral traffic, making it essential to create shareable content for your followers. 

Depending on your business, you might want to create powerful infographics, offer your authoritative voice on subjects in your niche, or offer your expertise through publishing a study conducted by your company. If you and your team struggle to find new ways to create shareable content, you should prioritize engaging with your audience. When you do this, you can learn about what kinds of content your followers enjoy and what content they may not like as much. This can guide future content creation strategies to ensure you create effective, shareable content. You can also check out what kinds of terms are trending on a social media site and tailor your content to match it. If, for example, there is a certain holiday trending that week, use those keywords in both your content and your titles so that it can match up with other high-performing content. 

However, if you plan on doing it, creating content worth sharing is one of the best ways to drive new traffic to your social media account and allow you to go viral on your favorite social media platforms. 

Final thoughts

While there are a lot of ways to generate traffic and engagement on your social media profiles, what matters most is that you center your content and posts around your audience. By building content with your followers in mind, you create engaging posts that interest them and drive new traffic to your profile. 

Your audience can tell when a brand makes an effort to create content geared for them and will be more likely to continue engaging with your posts. Increasing engagement by using powerful imagery, and optimizing your bio section are all great ways to help build traffic to your social media accounts.

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