How to gain new customers with outstanding social media engagement

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How to gain new customers with outstanding social media engagement

Social media is a great channel to build relationships with your customers and connect with new ones. Connecting with customers and prospective customers is called social media engagement. 

The term social media engagement is broad, but typically includes interactions like clicks, comments, likes, shares, mentions, and direct messages on your social media accounts.

Engagement is all about building meaningful relationships with customers through the interactions listed above.

But now, the problem is everyone’s newsfeed on social media is clogged with information. There are never-ending posts, ads, and updates. With all of that going on, how do you make your posts stand out? 

Let’s get into a few of the best social media marketing tips to get your engagement running and connect with your customers: 

Get to know your audience first

To really understand what your customers are looking for on your social media and actually engage with you, you need to get a pretty good picture of what they are like. Get into your audience’s heads, understand their interests and problems, and then plan content that will entice them to comment or share. 

Provide valuable content

Improve the quality of your content by sharing useful tips, new information, answering questions, and more. Be sure to create the kind of content your customers are actually looking for, not just what you want to post. 

Also, stick to what you know. Don’t go around making statements about something other than your expertise. This will ensure you are always posting high-value content. 

Here are some tips for creating engaging social media content: 

  • Use templates: There is no need to recreate the wheel here. There are plenty of free and paid online design tools that will help you create stunning visuals that include text and images.
  • Add variety to your posts: Switch up the type of content you are posting. You can use images, videos, GIFs, text, image carousels and more to freshen up your feed. 
  • Repost other accounts in your niche: Don’t have anything new to say? That’s okay! You can always repost content that you know your audience will enjoy. Make sure to credit the original creator, and who knows, maybe they will repost you in return. 

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Make shareable content

To post shareable content, make sure you are creating useful pieces of information for people to want to share it on their own feeds or with friends. Share stats, news, or infographics. Anything that is attractive enough for someone to reuse it. 


Respond to your customers

Engagement is not a one way street! In order for it to work, you must reply to all your reviews, comments, direct messages, and mentions. Even the bad comments! Show your customers you care and regret any bad experiences by replying with an honest comment. Avoid answering with “we’ll look into it.” Nobody believes that. 

People are more likely to engage with a company that is friendly and responsive. 

Ask questions

Asking questions is a great way to start a conversation with your customers. You can create a quiz, poll, or survey. Instagram has tons of tools like this to interact with your customers. Take a look at a few Instagram marketing ideas and design templates that can help you get your followers interested. 

Use this information to understand your customer’s opinions on something and keep making great content. 

Post consistently on social media

Create a calendar to post consistently on your social media. You can arrange your posting days by high traffic hours and shuffle your content types throughout the week. People lose interest in your social media whenever it goes through a dry spell.  

Make an emotional connection

People are loyal to brands they like and trust. Sharing your brand’s story can really help your customers connect with you on a more emotional level. Let them be insiders in your business. 

Also, encourage user-generated content! Ask your customers what they would like to see on your social media and let them be part of it. This is a great engagement strategy. 

Research trending topics that apply to your niche 

Talk about what everyone is talking about with relevant information. This includes holidays, trending hashtags, world happenings, news, and any other topics that are already top of mind on their own. 

How to outline your social media engagement strategy

So we’ve given you a few ideas to increase your social media engagement rate, but it’s time to act. In order to make your social media engagement strategy a success, you must: 

  • Write down your plan
  • Establish dates, deadlines, and KPI's
  • Measure its effectiveness regularly

Remember that overall, people don’t want to talk to faceless organizations; they want human contact, real people behind the brand. So really take your engagement seriously to connect with your customers. 

Define your goal 

Having a solid goal is the first step to an engagement strategy, whether it's getting feedback about your product or campaign, finding new leads, making conversions, building a brand perception, or other goals. 

Boost your productivity

Set a time schedule for interacting with your social media followers, whether you are personally doing this job or someone else is helping you. 

Use social media marketing tools 

Help yourself do this work by using the right tools to make it easier to find mentions and reply to comments. Many popular options include collaboration options that really come in handy if you are working with a team.

Setting up Google Alerts can also help you to easily find brand mentions all over the internet. You can use those mentions in your favor and get a clear picture of what people are saying about you. 

Sites like Placeit and Canva can simplify the design process of your posts and videos. This way, you save a bunch of time on designs because you are using pre-made templates that are easily customized. 

Every social media has its own analytics, but you can also use a 3rd party analytics website to see your overall performance. 

Social Media Engagement Metrics

Engagement is a key social media metric you should always keep track of. Depending on the social media you are analyzing, you will be able to evaluate your performance with shares, retweets, clicks, comments, views, and so on. 

Final thoughts

Focusing on your social media engagement makes your platforms more of a conversation place between brand and customer. You can build a real relationship with your customers, hear their needs, and build a brand they want to be loyal to. 

In order to increase social media engagement, you need to really set the bar for valuable content, engage with your followers comments and messages, and improve your brand’s reputation by being constant because this makes them trust you. 

So go ahead and try these 8 tips to raise your engagement and remember that even virtually, human contact is essential to your customer!