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4 min read

Google Reviews: How to Handle a Negative Review on Your Business Page

Every business thrives on interpretation. Companies with positive reputations get lots of business, retain customers for years on end, and enjoy other benefits. However, businesses with negative reputations – earned or otherwise – have a hard time surviving, let alone thriving, in the competitive marketplace.

7 min read

Blogger Outreach For Building Your Brand - A Quick Yet Comprehensive Guide

This guide is for you if you want to strengthen your brand without having to master the skill of walking on water to achieve it. Following this guide, you’ll learn how you can harness the power of blogger outreach to benefit the online visibility, and reputation, of your brand.

6 min read

How to Protect Your Online Brand from Negative SEO

There are always two ways to win at anything. The first involves ethical practices where you strive hard, strategize and emerge on top. The second is by using black hat and unethical practices geared towards sabotaging your competitors. This is the very essence of negative SEO. Negative SEO can diminish the standing of your main website in search results, or satellite web content reflective of your brand. For example, negative SEO can be used to cause Google to suspect you've been buying links, which can result in a penalty

7 min read

Effective SEO Project Management: Tips, Tools & Cases

SEO project management is one of the most in-demand services for businesses with an online presence. But when it comes to practice, it becomes obvious that SEO  task management is significantly different from traditional project management. You need to know not only the best practices to run the project but also have technical knowledge in the SEO area. 

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