10 Types of Video Content For Reputation Management

Videos have become an essential tool for individuals and organizations to amplify their branding. With videos being so widely used, it is good to learn the different types of video content and what works best to keep a good reputation for your brand.

When it comes to reputation management, videos play a significant role in building the public’s perception as well as influencing how people see you as a whole brand. Compared to other branding strategies, such as press releases, videos are easy to catch up with. They offer a quick yet more engaging approach where the audience can simply learn about your brand.

Why Should You Use Videos in Reputation Management?

Videos have many benefits to offer, especially in terms of driving business growth. With the sheer number of people going online every day, videos rank best as one of the most compelling types of content on the internet. Not to mention, most social media platforms are specifically designed for sharing visual content, which works to your advantage. To better understand the impact of videos, let’s take a look at the following statistics.

  • Video content is estimated to take over 82% of the internet traffic in 2022.
  • More than 86% of marketers agree that using videos increases website traffic.
  • About 90% of customers say that watching videos helps them make a purchase.

Contrary to other types of content marketing strategies that require high-budget investment, making videos is relatively cheaper and faster than all others. According to Wyzowl, marketers found that making videos is becoming more affordable than creating other content formats. Therefore, many opt to incorporate videos in their marketing strategies.

Not to mention, people love watching short videos that tell them about things they would otherwise have missed. Brands can benefit from this by releasing video content related to their service or product offerings, which will induce interest from potential customers and engage existing ones. You can as well raise awareness about your business to generate more audiences. 

If you aren’t using video content marketing yet, now’s the time!

10 Different Types of Video Content to Improve Your Reputation

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Some videos are suitable for certain audiences while others are not. The following are some types of video content formats that you can use to build a good reputation.

1. Social media videos

Social media videos can quickly help your company build a reputation. These videos usually cover everything about an individual or organization, from their top products and services to why they do what they do. 

Social media videos give people information about your business, what it has to offer them, how it helps the community, and much more. All in less than five minutes time span without having to read through long articles or books, which take way longer.

2. Explainer videos

Explainer videos are great for building your reputation. Businesses can use these types of videos to explain their products or services in a more straightforward way. 

If you aim to spread awareness about your brand, explainer videos are your best bet. Influencing and convincing the audience has never been easier with explainer videos as they present a compelling narration that hooks them from the get-go.

3. Event videos

You can also use event videos to promote your business, product, or service. Event videos are helpful when you’re trying to build your brand’s image or reputation as they give information about an upcoming event related to your organization. You can even post the video on social media sites like YouTube for free, where millions of people around the world will see it, some of which may become potential customers down the line. 

4. Product demonstration videos

These kinds of videos show how a specific product works and what it does differently. Whether you’re providing a product or service, using demo videos allows you to connect with the audience by demonstrating how your business helps them solve their problems and improve their life.

5. How-to videos

How-to videos cover step-by-step instructions on completing a certain task, giving demonstrations while explaining how to do things clearly and concisely. These videos tend to work well when trying to position your business as the expert in its industry.

Making how-to or tutorial videos will help improve your reputation by showcasing your expertise. Make sure that your videos are well-researched so targeted people can discover your content easily.

6. Onboarding videos

Onboarding videos can be used to train and orient new hires or customers about their accounts. These videos cover the basic information about your product, service, and company in a friendly and easy-to-understand way.

Creating onboarding videos is essential in building a good reputation for your brand. When new hires are thoroughly informed in the introductory phase, they will remember you as a great employer. 

7. Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos help sell products or services by utilizing customer interviews that show how your business has helped solve their problems. These videos are great for improving corporate branding since people will learn how others have benefited from using your services. You will gain more public trust when many customers are satisfied with your products.

8. Event coverage videos

When brands are looking for cheap video content ideas, event coverage is typically one of the first ideas due to its low production cost. Make sure to provide footage of your past events in your marketing strategies. 

The audience will put more trust in a brand that’s recognized by the public or has participated in prestigious events. That way, your reputation will skyrocket in no time.

9. Educational videos

Teaching what you know is always a valuable way to build up your reputation and be seen as an expert in your field. The best part is that you don’t need to film yourself or invest too much money into it.

You can utilize other people’s expertise, such as hiring another videographer company, if needed. Just make sure the video content has all of the information necessary for viewers to learn from it.

10. Frequently asked question (FAQ) videos

Lastly, one of the most shared videos used in improving corporate branding is the frequently asked question (FAQ) content. This type of video can address the most common concerns that people may have about your business or individual reputation and explain why they should trust you. 

For example, if you’re an accountant firm located in Los Angeles, California, you might create a video detailing what types of services you provide clients, how much it costs them to hire you for your company’s services, and who the best target is an audience for your company.

Final Thoughts

Reputation management requires a long-term effort to keep your corporate branding consistent. Make sure to keep your videos structured along with your brand’s voice and tone. Additionally, making sure your videos contain information about why people should trust you is important for both SEO purposes as well as lead generations. So, you can further convince your customers to purchase your products or services.

Above all else, make your videos readily available on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook–especially if they’re relevant to other shared content. Hosting videos on social media allows your audience to share the content, making it easier for you to boost engagement and increase conversion. 

Video Content FAQs

Can videos help with reputation management?

Businesses have used videos for many purposes, including product promotion, corporate branding, and sales generation. Reputation management involves tasks to influence others to think of how a brand is perceived online. Using videos can help businesses build an audience and gain trust.   

What video should I make first to improve our brand reputation?

Each video on this list can help you build a great reputation. However, you should consider the purpose of making videos in the very beginning. After all, producing videos isn’t cost-free. You need to think about whether you want to make money out of your videos or simply want people to know your brand.

How do I know the best video for building a reputation?

If you want to convince potential customers to make a purchase while also improving your reputation, testimonial videos are great. On the other hand, if you want bigger brand exposure, you may use how-to videos as they can reach out to a wider audience. So, it depends on the result that you want to achieve from your videos.

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