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ORM, PR, and SEO -- what are all of these acronyms for? Let's break them down, and then delve deeper into how they all fit together.

  1. ORM: (Online reputation management) is the repair and maintenance of a person, company, or other entity's online image.
  2. PR: (Public relations) is the how organizations, businesses and people communicate with the public and media.
  3. SEO: (Search Engine Optimization) is the effort made by online content creators (of words, images, videos, or other media) to help a website rank higher in search engine results.

PR, SEO and ORM are all specialized disciplines of online marketing.

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Reputation is important because you or your company want to be seen in the best light. People want to make the best choice, and they base their selection on the person or company that seems to be superior. Whether applying for a job or attracting business opportunities, a good reputation affects your bottom line.

Another way to think about it is that character is how you actually are, and reputation is how others think you are. One is objective, the other subjective. The character of a person is different than his or her reputation, and this holds true for brands as well.

74% of people say reviews increase trust

The rewards of having a good online reputation are greater revenues, better relationships, and more opportunities. Consumers have been shown to care about a company's reputation and purchasers' reviews. For example, a survey carried out in 2016, notes that 74% of potential customers state that when they read positive reviews, they have more trust in a local business.1

Curating a positive reputation is very different than simply leaving it up to the random opinions of others. Online reputation management works to actively affect how a person or company is perceived by others.

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