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The Reputation X team is a collection of online reputation experts working in the areas of content planning, reputation strategy, search engine marketing, social media, technical public relations, and other more esoteric realms. We provide white-label reputation management, protect reputations and clean up search results for agencies, brands and people.

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3 min read

How to strengthen online brand before a crisis

By Reputation X on 3/22/20 10:52 AM

Strong search results can stave off negative online content by making it more difficult for the negative content to rank in your branded search results. Put another way, reputation protection enhances the strength and relevance of good content. Online reputation protection is like insurance. Set up a protection plan ahead of time and you’ll be able to minimize damages when a crisis almost inevitably occurs.

5 min read

What is Doxing? Can I do anything to prevent it?

By Reputation X on 3/21/20 9:21 AM

Depending on the source, the term doxing either comes from an abbreviation of the word documents, or docs, that has been turned into a verb; or it’s derived from the term “document tracing”; or it comes from the slang “dropping dox.”

5 min read

How negative reviews affect business

By Reputation X on 11/11/19 7:17 PM

Consumers of all ages and walks of life are turning to the internet first when they want to learn more about a business or product. Specifically, they’re checking out online reviews. Websites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, OpenTable, and Google Reviews are considered to be trusted consumer resources, where discerning buyers can get a feel for how different products and services stack up to each other.

Topics: Review Management
5 min read

SEO tools we use

By Reputation X on 11/6/19 10:33 AM

We are often asked what SEO tools we use. Here is a partial list of third-party SEO tools we use at Reputation X.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a component of online reputation management (ORM). A good SEO strategy uses content, link building, negotiation, and other specific criteria to help push your website towards the top of search engine rankings. SEO tools make it easier. While every SEO expert has their favorite tools, here are ours. If you are looking for reputation monitoring tools, you can find them here

Topics: SEO Reputation Management
5 min read

Brainstorm content for a reputation improvement campaign

By Reputation X on 9/10/19 5:16 AM

Every reputation management campaign includes a lot of brainstorming. We think about which websites to build, which web content to develop (text, video, social, graphics, images, etc.), which headlines to use for SEO and ORM purposes. This article will help you understand some of the best ways to brainstorm content for reputation management. 

Topics: How to do ORM
5 min read

Reputation content selection basics

By Reputation X on 9/2/19 2:19 PM

A content suppression campaign works to reduce the visibility of negative articles that appear in search results. Many people ask how this type of reputation management campaign works. While there are quite a few factors that go into suppressing negative online content in search results, the existence of content that meets certain criteria, or lack thereof, makes all the difference. Here we discuss two scenarios and how to approach each.

3 min read

Anchor Text Diversity Guidelines

By Reputation X on 8/21/19 9:41 AM

There are many types of anchor text. When spotting "unnatural" anchors (and trying to avoid them), we strive for diversity. Put another way; we don't want a backlink profile that says "Acme Technologies" in every link because it isn't organic (natural). Instead, we want a fully organic and natural backlink profile.

Topics: How to do ORM SEO Reputation Management best practices
2 min read

Using touch points to improve reputation

By Reputation X on 5/2/19 11:59 AM

Search engines don't always show brands in their best light. When potential clients and customers search online search engines serve up many different types of content - most of it out of your control. They may reveal blog posts from your competitors, show reviews from review sites like Yelp or Angie’s List, or even negative articles about the brand. The key is to identify and then optimize customer touch points your brand can control.

Topics: Business Reputation
4 min read

Perform SEO on More Than Just Your Website

By Reputation X on 3/4/19 7:24 PM

Market websites other than your own. Most marketers understand search engine optimization (SEO) to some extent. When marketers perform SEO, they usually only do it for their own website, or websites they control completely like product or service specific sites. It is important to do SEO to stay competitive, but it’s also important to promote pages that are positive about your brand even if you don’t control them.

7 min read

PR Reputation Management - Differences Between PR and Online Reputation Management

By Reputation X on 12/17/18 4:06 PM

An online reputation management (ORM) firm isn't a public relations firm. PR firms tend to be more relationship-based, whereas ORM firms tend to be more technical and content-oriented. The best online reputation agencies use PR firms as a go-between with publishers while they work their magic behind the scenes. ORM firms also tend to operate in stealth mode, often quietly supporting PR campaigns in the background.

Reputation management and public relations (PR) are often confused. Although the two share similarities and may be used in conjunction with one another, PR is more forward facing and visible to members of the public. Online reputation management (ORM) services often occur behind the scenes and are not as obvious to casual observers. Think of reputation agencies as the "man behind the curtain."

Topics: Public Relations Online Reputation Management (ORM) Reputation Management Companies

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