Review and Rating Management Case Study

Our client was an established online retailer that had undergone a change in ownership and management. The original owner enjoyed very high review star ratings across most platforms, including Yelp, Google Reviews, and others.

The accompanying change in management led to a significant decline in quality, product delivery, and customer service. Here is how Reputation X solved their online review challenges.

Executive Summary

  • Industry: Online Retail
  • Entity: Corporation
  • Challenges: Negative online reviews and low star ratings
  • Services Provided: Review Management and Reputation Repair
  • Campaign Duration: 6 Months (Notable improvement after 14 days)


The client, a well-established online retailer, faced a precipitous drop in customer satisfaction and online ratings following a change in ownership and management. Reputation X was tasked with restoring the retailer’s once-stellar reputation.

Situation Analysis

Challenges Encountered

  • Internal Issues: The retailer’s internal challenges, including a decline in service quality, were the root cause of the negative online sentiment.
  • Customer Perception: The average review score plummeted to two stars during the transitional period, reflecting the customers’ dissatisfaction.

Strategic Approach

Solution Implementation

Reputation X’s strategy encompassed a multi-platform approach to address the low ratings on Yelp, Google Reviews, Glassdoor, and the client’s Facebook page.

Initial Actions

  • Facebook Reviews: Temporarily disabled to mitigate the spread of negative sentiment.
  • Knowledge Panel Management: Addressed the negative quotes appearing prominently in Google’s Knowledge Panel.

Review Improvement Campaign

Yelp and Google Reviews

  • Customer Engagement: Reached out to recent customers to gauge their willingness to recommend the retailer.
  • Feedback Loop: Implemented a system to direct dissatisfied customers to dedicated support, preventing negative reviews.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Satisfied customers were encouraged to leave positive reviews through a streamlined process.

Glassdoor Reviews

  • Employee Advocacy: Leveraged employee feedback to improve the company’s employer reputation.
  • Management Engagement: Encouraged managers to request honest reviews from content employees, leading to a significant uplift in ratings.


glassdoor review image




  • Reputation Recovery: The retailer’s average star ratings on review platforms improved from 1.8 to 4.2 within six months.
  • Operational Impact: The campaign not only enhanced customer perception but also positively influenced the retailer’s hiring capabilities.

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