Should You Use AI for Content Marketing?

You may interact with artificial intelligence (AI) daily without realizing it. Many people still associate AI with science fiction dystopias, but that characterization is fading as AI develops and becomes more common in our daily lives. Today, AI is a household name and sometimes even a familiar presence (hey, Siri!)

While accepting AI in society is a new phenomenon, it’s hardly new. The modern field of AI was born in 1956, but it took decades of work to make significant progress toward developing an artificial intelligence system and making it a technological reality. 

In the world of business, AI has so many different uses. So much so that 91% of businesses globally choose to use it in their operations.

Most of us interact with AI daily in one way or another. From the mundane to the impressive, AI is already revolutionizing virtually every business process in every industry. As artificial intelligence technologies increase, they become indispensable for maintaining a competitive advantage.

So, how will AI change the future of marketing?

The purpose of AI isn’t to replace human writers

Now, we know what you’re thinking… Technology is taking over! Well, in a way, it is. But not how you may think.

There’s a misconception that AI will replace the human workforce, but this isn’t true. The idea is to work together for improved productivity and service delivery. This then begs the question: Can AI be used for content marketing?

The truth is that AI will influence the future of marketing and writing. It is already helping brands create much more content faster by:

  • Quickly analyzing data 
  • Making better decisions about article length
  • Determining the best placement for words in marketing materials
  • Finding the perfect adjective to improve your content

Many pieces created by artificial intelligence are better than those written by an average human. However, some AI writing needs to develop substantially before it can take on thought-provoking content. It’s often clunky, requires a lot of human intervention to create a robust final product, and can’t capture a brand’s voice or engage an audience. 

Start testing AI tools so you can understand how they work and, more importantly, how they can help you excel. This can help you improve your writing and will also help you continue to develop your skills in an ever-changing world.

3 ways AI can assist your writing team

You are a fusion of your life experiences, thoughts and ideas, and your intuitive ability to reason and tell a story with empathy. While artificial intelligence and machine learning are growing by leaps and bounds, they are still far from writing with personality.

How will AI affect marketing? And more importantly, how will it help your writing team excel in everything they do?

Information collection

One thing AI and ML (Machine Learning) can help with is gathering information for writers. Consider how fast an algorithm could sift through millions of articles and data and summarize your research. Now consider how long it would take you, as a writer, to research, summarize, and verify all of this information. In this case, AI and ML would be useful research tools for a writer to create content faster and more accurately.

Identify new topics and keywords

Some writers need help to develop large-scale content because they either run out of ideas or need to know what topics to write next. But the good news is that AI can help you generate hundreds of keyword ideas and content topics in seconds with just a few clicks. A long list of topic ideas can become invaluable to your overall content strategy. It allows you to filter the ideas your audience expects the most. It also helps you visualize internal linking opportunities you can explore for SEO benefits.

Answer the Public

Improve your landing page and campaign content

Artificial intelligence enables content creators to improve marketing performance with interactive landing pages that drive maximum customer engagement. It does so by learning proven copywriting formulas and applying them to create high-quality content and design for your landing pages. 

One of the ways it completes this activity is by matching keywords with custom images representing your audience’s interests. If the landing page already exists, the AI ​​algorithm can thoroughly analyze the content and provide design and copywriting recommendations for improvement.

5 ideas to make your content future-proof

Let’s face it; things are changing. But how is AI shaping the future of content marketing and personalization? Is AI playing a role in determining content marketing topics?

Solve a problem

Gone are the days when people went online just to have fun, watch a movie, or play games. Do you want to do better? Focus on helping solve problems instead of writing to entertain readers or sell a product!

Nowadays, we use the Internet to find helpful information and solutions to our problems. Some of the most searched categories online are how-to guides and tutorials. If your goal is to future-proof your content, that’s where you should focus. If you are an expert on a specific topic, write an article that answers readers’ questions.

Build your audience

Your content is only valuable if people need it. You need to connect with them as you gain more followers. Find out about their habits, interests, desires, and problems. This valuable information will help you understand your needs and requests. By understanding your audience, you will understand the kind of content they are looking for. 

Brand yourself to sell yourself

Brands are the strongest entities in business today. Their word can influence millions of people. Remember that every brand needs a purpose, a good cause, and an agenda that helps people engage wth its products and services. A brand offers quality, trust, and emotional content.

Focus on facts and statistics

People LOVE facts and figures. Adding them to your content provides your readers with verified information.

People want professional advice. Talk to industry professionals and experts, do interviews and question-and-answer sessions, and reference everything in your posts and articles. By using this approach, you’re not just creating content. It is also building a knowledge database supported by links to various sources, expert advice, and high-level information that does not have an expiration date.

Create compelling titles 

Your content’s title should answer problems and offer guidance. That’s why the following article types are usually the most popular: 

  • “How-to” guides
  • Top X
  • Best of

Avoid creating content that focuses on a current period. If you want to create something timeless, you shouldn’t do things like “Top Marketing Trends of 2021” because that’s what it always will be. In 5 years, the best marketing trends of 2022 won’t matter. Instead, a headline like “The Best Marketing Trends of All Time” will attract a lot more attention and has the potential to become perennial content.

AI is revolutionizing the future of content marketing

The future is hybrid. Humans and technology will join forces to rethink and reimagine many daily occurrences. And while this may be a daunting thought, it’s nothing to be scared of. If anything, the future should excite you.

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