Content marketing will drive traffic to your business. Here's how.

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Content marketing will drive traffic to your business. Here's how.

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.”

-Doug Kessler

A great content marketing strategy includes both the creation and distribution of helpful, relevant content that is easy to digest and remember. This will drive people to buy your products, visit your restaurant, or, from a reputation standpoint, create a favorable picture of you online.

Both pieces of a content marketing strategy are equally important, so why do so many marketers fall short in developing a great content marketing strategy? One of the significant reasons is the lack of understanding of how important implementation is. 

Here are a few key elements of an effective content marketing strategy:

  • Assess your existing content. Is it strong? Are there gaps that need to be filled? Make sure that all existing and new content is on brand and interconnected, whether it's the design of your home page or the experience which people take away at events.
  • Understand your target audience. Research things like your target demographic, where they live, their age, and key behavioral characteristics to create content tailored to them.
  • Document your strategy. Create a content creation and distribution calendar and stick to it.
  • Share your content. Without implementation, none of the previous steps will matter.
  • Measure results. Analyze what works and what doesn’t to improve your content marketing strategy. Measurement is a part of implementation because without it you won't know how to improve the next round. 

Content Strategy

There are many factors are involved, i.e., customer expectations, trending culture, new technologies, market and culture shifts. Nothing remains the same, and it’s important to closely monitor any changes to search engine results to ensure the content you want to rank is appearing on page one of Google.

So, now that you know how important it is to implement a content strategy, let's discuss how it can transform your search engine results, promote your brand, and improve your online reputation.

Who needs a content marketing strategy, and why?

A content marketing strategy is a blueprint of any business that discusses how content will be used to accomplish business goals.

It’s a unique combination of sales techniques and organic marketing in one package.

The secret behind the entire game is disguising your efforts so well that the customers don't even notice they’re consuming promotional content, but instead, they feel like they are being informed.

Who is your audience?

When devising a content marketing strategy, one of the first things to think about is who it is being made for. In other words, who is your target audience?

If you are using more than one platform, will it will cater to multiple audiences, and will they all get engaged?

What's your agenda?

Ideally, the product or service you are providing should solve a problem.

For this reason, you should know the root cause behind it, and then address it accordingly.

The best content caters to both people who are using your product and the ones who are going to buy it soon. If your content doesn’t do this, your strategy will not succeed.

What is your Unique Selling Proposition?

What makes you stand out from the competition? Today’s market is so saturated with content, that it is essential to differentiate yourself in order to get clicks on your content. Here, your exceptional content can truly be a game-changer. Trust me!

It has been said that in order to prove why you’re worth buying from, you must first show why you’re worth listening to. Prove that you offer valuable, unique, actionable content and watch the search results change in your favor.

Which content forms & platforms should you choose?

Be it pictures, blog posts, infographics or videos, you need to identify what types of content your target audience is consuming. Here are five content types you might consider. 

Identify the targeted topics and choose accordingly which form of content fits with your skillset. Moreover, you would need to publish them on different platforms afterwards.

It can be your blog, social media posts, or anywhere else.

Types of content to post on social media

So, now that you know what content marketing does and why it's so important; let's talk about the latest strategies involved in it.

Why is implementing a content strategy critical?

In today's world of content marketing strategy, the most crucial factor is your ability to implement the entire strategy instead of getting stuck in ever-long planning. Remember, the enemy of done is perfect. 

According to a research study,

“Research shows that 60% of B2C marketers are committed to content marketing.”

To compete in today’s market, it’s essential to produce and implement content in real-time; why?

  • It leads to a quick response from your loyal and prospective customers in real-time
  • Relevant content can rank in trending news and updates while consumer interest is high
  • Regular publishing of content leads to user-engagement
  • The brand become reputed in a transparent way

All of this indeed requires in-depth planning, but implementation should be at a fast pace too side-by-side.

What are the barriers to effective implementation of content strategy?

Different brands and organizations have their own set of problems. Some faces struggle in shifting.

Many organizations struggle to make the shift towards real-time marketing while some feel distorted between strategy and implementation.

One has to work a lot to make an aligned connection between the organizational culture and the structure which provokes the planning and implementation phase.

A content strategist is responsible for driving business, so they need to be aware of how barriers will be addressed.

Checklists are one of the keys to success when implementing a content strategy. Checklists help you or your team execute all the steps, every time. Here is a good post about checklists for content marketing. 

What does a winning formula for implementation look like?

A winning strategic and implementation formula should be based on consistently applied business objectives. It should flow through all the functional areas and support each other.

The role of implementation plays a much more critical role than the actual process or workflow while planning. It is your real marketing strategy in action. To beat the ongoing competition, you have to implement the strategy rapidly.

Final words

So, as a conclusion, a solid content strategy can help in maximizing your reach online only if it is implemented well. Make sure your content strategy has been well planned before you go into the implementation phase. Use checklists, and measure results so you can improve during the next round. 

It will lead to making purposeful content which may produce more measurable results. You’ll be surprised at what your content marketing strategy can accomplish and can reach new heights.