Top Instagram Growth Strategies For Brand Building

There is a big chance you have thought about buying Instagram likes and followers because a lot of companies offer this service, but there are also some risks when it comes down to your account`s safety – any user can report such activities, and you risk having your account banned. That's why if you want to focus on growing your business by engaging with the right audience, you need honest Instagram growth strategies for organic Instagram growth.

But before we get to that, here's what we have in store for you.


  • How to Craft Engaging and Addictive Instagram Strategies - to Grow Your Brand
  • Define Your Goals
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Be Consistent with your Content
  • Connect with your Fans
  • Embrace User-generated Content
  • Run Contests
  • Influencer Marketing

How to Craft Engaging and Addictive Instagram Strategies to Grow Your Brand

If you are looking for Instagram Growth Strategies and want to know where you should spend your time and money, you've come to the right place. We have also included a detailed guide on how to grow your business using Instagram.

6 ways to grow your instagram

Define Your Goals

All social networks are a part of your Instagram Growth Strategy. To use them effectively, you have to know what it is you're trying to accomplish with your campaign, from driving revenue to boosting traffic back to your site. 

When deciding on how to use Instagram marketing as a tool, you must first ask yourself: What outcome are you looking to achieve? If there is no defined end goal in mind, then it's easy to waste time sending out posts that don't match your strategy or ultimately drive results - which is not what you want! Right?

Quality over Quantity

To grow an Instagram account, you must have mastered the basics. Let’s make sure you have your ABCs down first! If marketing were a class, most posts would be Cs. So we can’t lean on any one post going viral or reaching the top of everyone’s feed. You need to strike a better balance in getting your posts in front of an audience and ensuring that as many people as possible see them again and again because that will lead to engagement and brand awareness

How? The focus should be on quality over quantity! Posting content multiple times consistently isn't going to help anyone! Work on finding followers who will become true fans. That's how you grow an Instagram account successfully - so make sure the work put into posting is quality work, not desperate work!

Be Consistent with your Content

When you post on a consistent basis, your followers are going to expect that your next post will be coming up soon. For more prominent brands, posting multiple times daily is often a requirement, while smaller businesses might only have time to post once or twice a week.

What’s most important is that you balance what you need for your Instagram feed with what’s realistic for the business and its audience and how much of your time can realistically be devoted to it. The more exciting content you create, the better chance you have of growing Instagram followers who become loyal customers that stick around for years instead of just months!

You can test the leading times in which people are active on this social media platform and you can find some great results. Most research suggests that your followers might most likely be online mid-morning.

Connect with your Fans

Start connecting with your fans on Instagram. It’s an important milestone that every brand owner should strive for as it will help in improving your social media growth. Building engagement is more than just posting exciting content as you need to interact with your audience as well.

You can encourage them to like, share and comment on your Instagram posts - remember, you have to be proactive here! Also, make sure to invest time by replying to their comments in conversation style rather than using generic phrases that may get old or offend people. Additionally, you can also start following real followers who may eventually help you expand your favorite networks too!

Embrace User-generated Content

User-generated content can be an excellent Instagram Growth strategy to get the word out about your business and products or simply highlight some of the great things you do for your customers. By tapping into the power of social media sharing and online platforms like Instagram, you can help grow your audience, increase sales and boost awareness across multiple demographics.

Giving customers a platform to express themselves and share their thoughts about your brand may inspire others to become loyal customers if they see how much others love it! It's also a great idea to ask loyal clients for photos that showcase their experience with your product. Even better: feature those photos on your page so that others can see what you're offering too!

Run Contests

Are you a person who loves getting freebies? Don't we all! In fact, there are literally thousands of people who visit giveaways on any type of social media platform and find that it's more than just about the items being given away but thrills the senses in a variety of ways. First, you have to pinpoint your target market.

Once you've created personalized posts for your target audiences that are particularly interested in what your page is offering, tell them how they can get a discount by following your page. You'll be able to attract new people every day and create followers who will become customers and fans!

Influencer Marketing

When you consider Instagram growth, you can’t ignore influencer marketing. The simple truth is that influencers can help you get content that reacts well with your target audience and relate on an emotional level.

Additionally, micro- and nano-influencers can be leveraged to promote products to diverse target audiences. Their content also helps build credibility and trust with the audience.


If you own a business, you know that building your brand is one of the most important things you can do. This is true for any business, no matter what products or services you sell. In today’s world, it’s becoming more and more necessary to have a robust digital presence. A strong digital presence can come in various forms, but one of the most popular options is Instagram.

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of Instagram accounts out there and it can be challenging to find a way to stand out. But our list of Instagram growth strategies should help you find a new way to grow your account and hopefully take it to the next level!

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