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How Inbound Marketing Pulls Prospects to Your Brand with Content

Inbound marketing uses online content, along with search engine marketing, to "pull" prospects to your brand. The "inbound" part of inbound marketing refers to sales coming to you, rather than you going after specific customers. Inbound marketing is normally part of a well-rounded campaign of both inbound, direct, paid, and other marketing approaches. 

7 min read

NPS Surveys 101: What They Are & How to Use Them

In today's competitive world, measuring your customer's satisfaction is essential to the longevity and growth of your business. Why? Because knowing if they're content with your services will help you identify which areas to improve and see if you're able to build a good number of loyal customers while maintaining a positive reputation.

4 min read

Which TikTok Influencers Earn the Most?

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps in the world, with over one billion active users. However, while TikTok is enjoying huge profits, so too are the influencers and popular accounts that have gained attention through personal branding and great content. TikTokers who capitalize on the fact that people love scrolling social media can make millions of dollars a year doing what they love to do. This article will discuss how much successful TikTokers make and which influencers are leading the charge. 

8 min read

Reduce Your Website's Bounce Rate for Better Visibility Online

Bounce rate is one of the most crucial parameters of a site's effectiveness. This metric shows the percentage of visitors who leave after viewing just one page. It indicates whether the site meets your audience's expectations when they open it for the first time. Why does it happen? And what are the ways to reduce the bounce rate? The following article will tell you about 8 main methods to prevent users from leaving your site too soon.

4 min read

Social Media: Pros and Cons for Small Businesses

Whether you are just starting your business or aiming to grow, social media is one of the most powerful platforms for reaching potential clients. Almost all companies today use various social media platforms for marketing their products and services. These platforms come with many benefits for small businesses, but it does not mean there are no limitations. Be sure to consider all the pros and cons before plunging into them for better business success.

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