5 Customer Video Testimonial Examples (& Why They Work)

Video is a great method if you want to produce client testimonials that resonate with people. People need confirmation from someone who has purchased the product to see whether it’s worth their time and money. This is why customer testimonials are an excellent way to highlight your company's products and services. 

A relatable video showcasing a current customer’s satisfaction with your product is going to make new people much more willing to interact with your company. The post will cover the following topics:

  • What is a testimonial video
  • Why video testimonials
  • How to create a customer video testimonial
  • Customer testimonial video examples

What is a testimonial video?

To keep it simple, a video testimonial is a recording of a consumer sharing experience with a specific company. Most of the time, people discuss how that company's product or service helped them solve an issue. For instance, they introduce themselves, share how they consume the product or service, and what they appreciate about the brand.


Why video testimonials?

Increased trust and better corporate reputation are some of the crucial reasons to employ video testimonials in your marketing. Customers are much more likely to trust a real client than you.

Video testimonials enable your customers to see how other individuals feel about your services in an unscripted, unfiltered manner. It gives your business a face and your brand the credibility it needs among your targeted audience. 

How to create a customer video testimonial

Generating a high-quality customer testimonial video is similar to creating any other video. Consider your intentions - you want people to purchase your product, but you need to earn their trust first. Here are a few tips on how to create a customer testimonial video:

1. Make a simple but powerful script

The trick to the most successful videos is to write a compelling narrative. A foundation and a flow should be present in your customer testimonial video:

  • Introduction: The user discusses their problems and why they require your product or service.
  • Body: The customer explains why they picked your brand over others on the market.
  • Conclusion: Finally, the consumer discusses how their needs are fulfilled and whether or not they are satisfied with your service.

2. Show value to your customers

The crucial component in generating video testimonials from consumers isn't what you ask. Instead, it’s the way you ask your clients in the first place that will get them to agree to hand you video testimonials.

You should explain to your clients that providing a video testimonial will benefit your company and them. Your clients can easily describe how their business has improved by telling their personal stories in the testimonial video. 

3. Use quality equipment

The only aspect that can make or break your video is its quality. You want to show that you pay attention even to the smallest details.

To do so, make sure your graphics are clean and clear and that the voice can be heard correctly with minimum background noise. Microphones of decent quality are inexpensive and well worth getting.

Customer testimonial video examples

A landing page featuring well-crafted testimonial videos can mean the difference between a potential customer establishing contact with you and walking away to pursue a more convincing competitor. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent customer testimonial page examples that can help you get ideas to create your own high-converting testimonial page. Let’s take a look at some of the best videos and check what methods you can use in your own strategy.

Example 1: Keep the customer video testimonials entertaining

Although testimonial videos come in various styles and forms, watchability is at the heart of each good one. You want to add information that can help drive sales, but if consumers stop watching midway through the video, it can only do so much.

By definition, testimonials begin with a static shot of a client or customer speaking. However, these shots can quickly get tedious, so having a good B-roll to cut will keep your film interesting. Check out the incredible usage of photos in the testimonial for Healthy Home 365.

Like any well-told story, the outstanding customer testimonials don't just express their delight with the final result; they develop a storyline and take the viewer on a journey that covers their whole experience.

Remember: your potential consumers are on the same path as you, and if they recognize themselves in your testimonial, they'll be more inclined to convert.

Example 2: Target the pain points

Customer testimonials are necessary mostly because your clients want to know how successful your solution is and whether it will truly address their problems. More importantly, they want to hear about it from someone who has purchased and used the product, someone they can relate to, rather than the product's designers. They are looking for sincerity and genuineness.

The e-commerce behemoth targets online sellers in this testimonial, demonstrating what they can achieve by leveraging the platform to attract more customers. In addition, Amazon makes a video that is sure to entice more vendors to their marketplace by piecing together different client testimonials.

Amazon Business - Testimonial Video

Each customer in the video delivers a tale that will strike the target audience in the pain spots - expanding reach to billions of people worldwide, developing the business, and establishing their name as a trusted brand through Amazon.

Amazon’s testimonial video, which has a continuous professional tone, is an excellent example of content aimed to persuade prospects throughout the decision stage of the buyer's journey.

Example 3: Team up and use humor

Those first few seconds of a testimonial video (or, for that matter, any video) are crucial. Many video testimonials immediately engage the audience by posing a question or surprising people.

Slack is well-known for its fantastic video marketing content. This time, the workplace communication platform collaborated with Sandwich Video to produce a brilliant client testimonial for their marketing plan.

"So Yeah, We Tried Slack …"

The video uses typical Sandwich Video humor to demonstrate Slack's many features and capabilities and persuade the target audience of the platform's relevance. Next, they delve into the platform's specifics, describing the many communication channels and connectors that will enable teams to collaborate more effectively.

It's a cross between a product demonstration and a customer testimonial in specific ways. This film is a masterpiece in customer testimonials, and it's a must-see for any company trying to make a testimonial video that's also comical. Sure, it's staged, but the script works well in this situation.

Example 4: Focus on the users

From “found” footage to polished B-roll, testimonial videos must be unique and appealing. The audience should feel tempted to watch more of the video’s content when they first start watching it.

HP's customer testimonial video is fantastic since it allows viewers to connect with the user featured in the video. The testimonial isn't about the product and the brand or how excellent the company's services are. Instead, it concentrates on the reviewer: the client informs us about himself, not only in his professional business life but also in his hobbies.

Customer Testimonial | Original HP Toner | HP

It helps us understand and like the customer better, and it goes a long way toward establishing trust in what he has to share. And when he starts gushing about the company and its products, you have no choice but to believe him.

Moral of the story: Whether or not you memorize this video for its discussion of HP's toner services, you'll remember it for the lovable video game collector it shows - and that's enough of retention to support your marketing strategy.

Example 5: Keep it simple and relatable

If you're searching for a straightforward way to make anything, Hennessey Performance's video testimonial is a beautiful place to start. A single testimonial from a school student outlining his experiences and discussing the benefits he has received is all the school needs to persuade potential students to enroll.

"The best decision I ever made!" Tuner School testimonial

It's worth noting that the video alternates various camera perspectives to keep things exciting and avoid any stagnation in the shot. In addition, the modest background music is discreet enough to allow viewers to focus on Jamason's words.

Hennessey Performance's video makes it onto the list because it's a great example of the video testimonial fundamentals that will bring you strong engagement rates.

You can make a testimonial more intriguing and engaging by presenting a distinctive, interesting, and engaging client. In addition, the audience may relate to the testimonial if the focus is on the client, as seen in this example.


As you can see, testimonials can significantly improve a company's reputation and authority. Firms can use testimonials to reach out to potential customers and demonstrate to them what they can expect.

So now that you've got a great set of samples to model your video testimonials after, you're ready to start. You can begin by interacting with your most important clients and working on them yourself, or you can hire a professional video production business to help you.

In addition, check Google rankings to see how your video performs after you publish it. So you can have more control over how your content ranks.

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