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Removal, De-Indexing, Suppression. What's the Difference?


What is the difference between pushing down search results (suppression), de-indexing, and removal?

Fastest Ways to Remove Search Results: Ranked

We rank the fastest ways to remove search results from Google from fastest to slowest.

Google gets smarter everyday, but even with new Google artificial intelligence systems like RankBrain or even "knowledge based trust" it still ranks information about knowledge based on human search activities and trust, not something so difficult to define as truth. So how do we correct inaccurate or irrelevant knowledge in search results?

The Simple Content Marketing Plan

Our job as a reputation management company is to improve Google and Bing search results. We create compelling, true, relevant content of differing types based on real-world research in an effort to build more on-topic content for our clients and improve search results. Part of the process involves content planning. This guide outlines a simplified version of our actual content planning process.

A Fake Company and Imaginary CEO Help Trap Online Bad Guys

How do you find out who is anonymously posting information about you, your company, or your country, online? This is how.

Helping Google Knowledge Graph Make Better Decisions

If you or your brand has a Knowledge Graph you're suddenly "somebody". It's a bit like a Wikipedia page for you or your company, but it doesn't need to be clicked on for searchers to see it. But how do you get Google to build yo one? And if you have one with the wrong information being displayed, how do you correct it?

How to Optimize Images for Reputation Management

We often need to optimize image results for Google search in order to change search results for reputation management or for SEO reasons. For example, sometimes the wrong image is showing in Google Knowledge Graph, sometimes because the images Google shows are not relevant to the search results. In both cases we optimize the image files so they show up more often in normal as well as image search results. It involves naming the image, page context, ALT tag, image title, page title and rich snippets. This is how it's done.

White Label Reputation Case Study

Our client is a global PR firm with clients in the US, Europe and Middle East. Over the years we have been tasked with a number of interesting projects ranging from helping politicians succeed to boosting search results in Thai and improving search results to enhance hiring. This case study examines a project to clean up search results for a company with detractors using YouTube, blogs and complaint websites.

Steps to Remove Bad PissedConsumer Reviews

PissedConsumer offers a place for, well, pissed consumers to vent about supposedly sketchy businesses. But how to remove posts is the question on most peoples minds.

Art & Science: SEO Fueled Articles

Effective online content is written for both people and search engines. Search engines need to appreciate your content, and when they do they introduce people to it through search results. Online content must be written with both people and search engines in mind.

Business Review Case Study

Review websites are not just for people seeking a good restaurant. Prospective employees looking for their next place of gainful employment often look to business review sites like GlassDoor, Indeed and Vault to get an idea of the working environment from people who've been there. Conversely, from the business' viewpoint, acquiring the best employees is key and unfair reviews can keep companies from hiring new talent that might improve the company. Our client was a mortgage firm who'd had a single employee post many negative reviews on GlassDoor posing as different people. But the reviews were not flagged as they didn't seem to violate the community guidelines.

The SEO Press Release

An SEO press release often ranks well quickly for reputation management purposes, but sometimes fades with time as the timeliness of the release fades. A well-structured, compelling press release that is naturally shared and talked about can serve your purposes well.

Ripoff Report Removal Case Study


“Reputation X removed a Ripoff Report from the second position on the first page of Google search results very quickly. They then made sure the first three pages of search results showcases all the best things about our adult community.”

- Director of Marketing Retirement Community

Damage Control: 5 Online Mistakes to Avoid

Foot, meet mouth.

We all make mistakes, some of which haunt us long after we thought we’d been forgiven. And now that there’s a permanent online record of society’s collective folly, it’s critical to avoid further unforced errors. Here are five online mistakes to avoid for the sake of your reputation:

Reputation marketing: Bloggers, placements and contributors


Launching a reputation marketing campaign is a great way to raise your personal or corporate profile and ensure that you’re controlling the online conversation around your key search terms.

Change Healthgrades ratings in 5 steps

As one of the top 20 sites seen most often in medical practice search results, Healthgrades is like the Yelp of doctor reviews.

What’s the difference between PR and online reputation management (ORM)?

An ORM firm isn't a PR firm. PR firms tend to be more relationship-based, whereas ORM firms tend to be more techical and content-oriented. ORM firms also tend to operate in stealth mode, often quietly supporting PR campaigns in the background.

How to brainstorm content for a reputation campaign

Every reputation management campaign includes a lot of brainstorming. Which websites to build, which web content to develop, which headlines to use for SEO and ORM purposes. This article will help you understand some of the best ways to brainstorm content for reputation management. 

Reputation management services —part 4: Publishing

This is article four in a series of five that discusses the nuts and bolts of bespoke online reputation management services intended to either push down bad search results, or move good ones up.

Reputation management services - part 2: Development

Though no two companies or people are alike, professional Internet reputation management services follow a customized process based on the type of case, industry and brand.

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