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How People Find a Brand Online

When people are performing a search online for a product or service, they rarely do so in a linear fashion. The path they take often seems random to an outside observer, and when mapped can look like a bowl of cooked noodles. This path seems far more like a scavenger hunt than anything else, because when a consumer begins their search they are in many ways ignorant of what they really need. The process of search is one of discovery and self-education. In spite of the confusion, there is a method to the apparent madness.

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How Do I Remove

A good reputation is built slowly over a lifetime, but it can be lost in a single instant when a negative story is posted on

Fortunately, we're here to help. At Reputation X, we have a successful track record in doing what seems impossible -- reclaiming your online reputation. Reputation X can usually remove a post on within two weeks.  

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Dark PR and Agents of Reputation Destruction

There exists a type of PR agency that specializes in destruction rather than enhancement of reputation. Some of these agencies work for governments or politcal parties, others are private contractors, all have a similar agenda: Lay false trails, generate fake news, and use social media to weaken or decimate rivals by manipulating public opinion for nefarious purpose. It isn't just fringe groups, but the appartus of large governmental institutions like the National Security Administration (NSA). The NSA has apparently used negative online reputation management to discredit some peoples search results. 

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The 18 Ways Google Describes You Today

Today there are least 18 different ways for a business to be seen in search results, and that doesn’t even count social channels. Different types of search results include Adwords at the top or bottom of the page, the Knowledge Graph, images, reviews, news, shopping, videos and of course normal blue link search results.

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Can Bots Write Articles Yet?

Everyone who uses the internet has interacted with bots. Bots chat with us on apps, leave comments on articles and videos, and write social media posts. We know that bots have the ability to put words together coherently. But can bots write entire articles by themselves?

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How Augmented Reality Could Further Segment Society

Augmented reality is a data-overlay over the real world. Taking the WSJ's article about the difference between conservative and liberal Facebook feeds a few steps further we could end up with burqa's overlaid over every woman's body through the magic of augmented reality.

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Just What is Internet Privacy?

Definition: Internet Privacy is the ability of individuals to control the flow of information and have reasonable access to data generated during a browsing session.

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Suppress Negative Search Results

Negative content can damage a company or person worse than the author often realizes. Sometimes it can be taken down, other times it must be pushed down or suppressed. An online reputation suppression strategy is based on moving newly created, and existing positive search results, higher up in search engine results in order to move down or 'suppress' negative search results.

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The Difference Between a VPN and a Proxy for SEO

The main shared function of both Virtual Private Network (VPN) software and Proxy services is to give you, the user, control over your IP address while online. It’s not uncommon for many VPN service providers to also offer a proxy service as standard, however there are a plethora of standalone proxy services that can be used at a lower cost than most VPNs - even for free.

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Why Reputation Services Don't Always Work

Sometimes online reputation projects don't work. There are a number of reasons for a project not working out but a few that stand out. The number one reason is a lack of SEO, but there are other reasons too. 

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