Ripoff Report Removal - A Case Study


“Reputation X removed a Ripoff Report from the second position on the first page of Google search results very quickly. They then made sure the first three pages of search results showcases all the best things about our adult community.”

- Director of Marketing Retirement Community

  • Ripoff Report removed from first five pages of search results
  • Positive websites, profiles, press releases on pages one through three
  • First page significantly strengthened against future online reputation attacks 


You can't normally remove a Ripoff Report from the site, but you can effectively remove it by significantly reducing its visibility in search results.

Note: Ripoff Report was demoted in search results in 2018 (the Medic update). The site still exists, but is not nearly as visible in search results. Ripoff Report, and sites like it, are predatory sites. Still, some companies and people are still affected by it to this day. Good reputation management practices can help those still affected

The Retirement Community project is a good example of a suppression program used for ripoff report removal. The internet reputation repair program was initiated because an unknown (anonymous) reputation assailant had posted negative (and untrue) information on a site called RipOffReport is a website that anyone can use to post defamatory information about anyone else anonymously. Because of the popularity of the site, and it's high Google Page Rank, postings to RipOffReport tend to rise quickly in search results. Our client had a need for Rip Off Report removal as the negative posting was in the number two position of a Google search for their name - just below the listing for the clients website. The opportunity loss for our client was significant.

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Locate Problem Search Phrases

Our first step was to find the problematic key phrases, and alternative versions of those key phrases. We ran tests using Google keyword tools as well as other software to locate the key phrases most damaging to the clients online reputation. Because the client was specific to a geographic location, we used variations of the location name as well including city and state (and various spellings and abbreviations) as part of our ripoff report removal service.


Having created a list of appropriate key phrases, we rated the key phrases according to the number of searches made monthly for each. The list was prioritized from most damaging to their online reputation to least damaging. Resource application (content creation and other aspects of Reputation Management services) was prioritized accordingly.

Content Development

While there existed a large amount of information about the retirement community, it was mostly neutral in nature. Our objective was not merely to suppress the Rip Off Report posts, but to replace them with content that was glowing in nature (and of course true). We created five websites, ten profiles, video, press releases, articles and other types of online content based on a customized reputation content plan. Web content was introduced gradually using different domain ownership and geographically diverse hosting environments. Profiles were written and differentiated from each other. Content was then systematically optimized for search engines and select content was interlinked.


Within a short period of time we utilized online reputation management techniques to effectively delete ripoff report from the first pages of search results. Opportunity loss due to the effective removal of Ripoff Report was eliminated enabling an increase in revenues.

Ripoff Report FAQs

What is Ripoff Report?

Ripoff Report is a website that anyone can use to post defamatory information about anyone else anonymously. Because of the popularity of the site, and it's high Google Page Rank, postings to Ripoff Report tend to rise quickly in search results.

How can I remove a Ripoff Report?

You usually can't remove a Ripoff Report from the site. But you can effectively remove it from your search engine results.

How can I remove a Ripoff Report from my search results?

The first step to remove a Ripoff Report is to identify the problem search phrases. Then, prioritize the key phrases and create content to suppress the Ripoff Report.

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