Five Tools to Check and Monitor Your Site Health

The Internet has empowered us to sell globally and work from anywhere worldwide.

But digital transformation does come with one big risk: Your site health.

Most reputation management campaigns involve the creation of at least one website. But if your site goes down, you can lose Google traction and affect your brand's online reputation. 

You can ensure everything is quickly fixed by using site health checking and monitoring platforms.


Here are our top 5 tools to check and monitor your site health:

1. Accessibility check

Web accessibility lawsuits (ADA lawsuits) can negatively affect a brand's reputation. But it's not just fear of legal action that should motivate businesses. According to CDC data, 26% of U.S. adults have some kind of disability. That’s a fourth of the country and a fourth of your business’s target audience.

CDC data

And yet, lots of websites remain unusable to people with various disabilities, forcing these potential customers to go somewhere else, or worse, voice their frustration in public by using their social media channels. Those complaints can affect your social media reputation.

AccessScan offers a free and instant accessibility analysis for any site. There’s no login or opt-in required: Simply copy-paste your URL and give it a few minutes. Get a detailed audit within seconds that includes elaborate explanations and a score for various tested sections.

You can simply download a copy of the report and share it with your IT team.

accessScan report

2. Website performance and availability monitoring

Every site may be down from time to time, but in many cases, that costs you money. Imagine investing in organic visibility and ads just to see these clicks go nowhere.

And while there’s no way to avoid that (even Google, Facebook, and "X" were down more than once), there’s a way to be alerted of that happening to quickly minimize the impact.

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Keeping your site up is also one of the most important SEO navigation best practices that can impact your overall organic findability.

Pingdom provides real-time monitoring and alerts you momentarily as soon as your site is down. The great feature of this tool is that you can select to ping your site from different parts of the world to ensure that it is up and running worldwide.

Pingdom uptime checks

You can also set those alerts to come to your phone number as a text message.

Pingdom is one of the best tools, but it is changing its direction to a broader monitoring toolset. Never fear, though; there are several other uptime monitoring tools in case Pingdom gets too complicated or expensive.

3. Page-level monitoring

Every business has a few key pages essential for its bottom line. These are actual product pages that bring sales. Keeping an eye on these pages is important because you want to avoid any unsolicited changes and make sure that you are aware of any update that has been pushed to those pages.

Visualping is an effective tool that can monitor any page and alert you of any changes. It is also a useful tool for competitor monitoring because it is a good idea to be alerted when they change their important pages (including the home page) as well, so that you keep on top of their marketing efforts:

Uptime monitoring

You can set how quickly you want to be alerted and even choose an area on the page you want to keep an eye on. You can also set those alerts to come to your email, phone, Slack, and more.

4. Malware monitoring

No site, no matter how well it is secured, is 100% safe from being hacked. The dark web is advancing at an impressive rate. It is hard to resist.

A successful hacking attack comes with both instant and long-term issues, including:

  • Privacy and fishing attempts for your site users (that may blow up into a reputation scandal)
  • Getting into the spam and security blacklists that block your site from browsers
  • Flag your site in search results

Clearly, you need to be the first to know about any hacker attack to be able to quickly clear the issue and avoid being blacklisted.

Google’s Search Console is the most reliable and fastest way to be alerted when your site is hacked. It is free and provides a free API that is being used by anti-spam and cybersecurity platforms worldwide.

Google search console

The platform will send you an instant email once malware or a hacker attack is detected on your site.

5. SEO health monitoring

Organic search traffic is one of the most consistent sources of online visibility. Once you achieve the top 5 results, you will remain there for quite a while.

And yet, we’ve seen hundreds of cases when a site loses all its positions overnight. This can happen due to several reasons, mainly:

  • Manual actions from Google (most commonly due to low-quality link-building tactics)
  • Competitors’ negative SEO campaigns (yes, these are real. We’ve seen quite a few sites losing rankings due to a large number of spammy links and redirects pointing to them)
  • Hosting problems (e.g., erroneous blocking of search crawlers on a server level)
  • Google updates that affect your site
  • SEO setting
  • HTTPS certificate going inspired, etc.

Loss of rankings is devastating to any business’s ROI, and it’s also a sign of a bigger problem that should be immediately handled.

Clearly, you need to be aware of your overall site SEO health to be able to start fixing the associated problem right away.

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO platform that offers backlink and rankings monitoring. The platform sends weekly digests as well as email alerts if there’s something weird going on.SE ranking

Final thoughts

Digital marketing comes with many risks that are sometimes unavoidable. You need to factor these risks into your marketing plan as something that may happen at any time. But being prepared means being safer than most of your competitors.

Apart from competitive advantage, this means mitigating the issues and avoiding long-term crises. The tools above will help your business survive any potential dangers. Good luck!


About the author

Ann Smarty is an SEO analyst at Internet Marketing Ninjas and the founder of Viral Content Bee. Ann has more than 13 years of experience creating and promoting content to help brands gain more visibility online. She writes about SEO, branding, competitor monitoring, and social media. You can see more of her articles here and here.

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