Case study:
PR agency

Reputation X provides white-label reputation management to PR and digital agencies. Here is an example of one relationship.

The public relations agency wanted more than just a software dashboard for monitoring reputation, they needed a full-fledged solution that included strategy, design, development, and promotion that they could sell as their own service.

We take is to work quietly in the background to let our client take the spotlight.

We start with NDA and confidentiality

Reputation X strives to provide transparency to our clients and respect our clients' autonomy and trade secrets. We signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the public relations agency before learning the names of their clients. One of their clients was a celebrity CEO, another a technology executive, and the third a politician, and each one required their own reputation improvement campaign.

The clients we helped

The CEO had had an exposé written about him, the technology executive had problems with the recipient of his charitable giving, and the politician had made some errors in judgment earlier in his career and was attempting to fix search results.

This case study details the campaign arc of one of those clients. 

Interfacing with the PR agency

The agency was of medium size, which is not large enough to have a dedicated online reputation team or reputation-specific sales team. We provided sales support by participating in end-of-sales-cycle calls with the client acting as their in-house specialists.

We then helped the agency craft proposals for each of their clients with no identifying information about Reputation X. The proposals were provided in Google Docs format so the client could easily download the information and edit it into their normal proposal format.

After the PR firm closed the deal

Once the agency closed the deal with their clients we moved quickly to put our plans in motion. Because the Reputation X team had already helped close the sale and provided advance proposal help, we knew the client's issues quite well. We set up online reputation monitoring for each of the clients and then got to work on the research and strategy phases.


The strategy we provided included the following:

  • Research of the online profiles of entities similar to the client
  • Mapping the clients owned and earned properties
  • Sentiment analysis of the client's online profile
  • Development of an online reputation improvement strategy
  • Editing their client's Wikipedia article, and other articles that mentioned the client
  • Editing the client's earned web properties, biographies, and other content
  • Editing databases that held information about the client
  • Editing publicly available online information
  • Causing new positive content to be published about the client
  • Promoting the new and existing positive online content
  • Suppressing negative content in search results
  • Monitoring search results

Strategy approval

The agency rebranded the strategy documentation we provided. Because it was provided without any Reputation X branding it was a simple matter of adding their logo and customizing it.

Phone support

We offered phone support in case the client had technical questions about the strategy. This resulted in one Zoom meeting where our delivery staff, acting as contractors, explained the strategy. 

The client accepted the strategy.

Execution of the strategy

We worked with a single point of contact within the agency which ensured consistency across campaigns. The plan was developed so that constant improvements and updates could be provided.

Monthly monitoring and bi-weekly Zoom meetings kept everyone informed and on track.


  • All negative information about their client was suppressed to page three or beyond in search results.
  • 25% of negative content completely disappeared from search results
  • Positive content and controllable profiles dominate the first pages of Google
  • The client's Wikipedia page has been edited and protected for over a year

We have been working with the same agency for many different clients for more than five years and continue to provide high-quality reputation management services on an as-needed basis.

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