PR Partnership – Reputation Case Study

Reputation X provides white-label online reputation management to PR and digital agencies. Here is an example of one relationship.

Executive Summary

  • Service Provider: Reputation X
  • Client: Mid-sized Public Relations Agency
  • Requirement: Comprehensive reputation management solutions for resale
  • Services Rendered: Strategy, Design, Development, Promotion, and Monitoring
  • Outcome: Suppression of negative content, enhancement of positive online presence
  • Engagement Duration: Ongoing for over five years

Introduction to White-Label Services

Reputation X specializes in providing white-label reputation management services that enable PR and digital agencies to offer sophisticated, full-service reputation solutions under their own brand.

Initial Engagement

Confidentiality and Trust

  • NDA / Non-Competition Implementation: To ensure the utmost confidentiality, Reputation X commenced the partnership by signing a non-disclosure agreement, safeguarding the identities and sensitive information of the PR agency’s clients.

Client Portfolio

  • Diverse Clientele: The PR agency’s clients included a high-profile CEO, a tech executive, and a politician, each with unique reputation challenges.

Collaboration Process


Agency Support

  • Sales and Strategy Support: Reputation X augmented the agency’s capabilities by providing end-of-sales-cycle support and assisting in crafting tailored proposals delivered in a modifiable Google Docs format.

Post-Sale Action Plan

  • Rapid Strategy Deployment: Following the agency’s successful client acquisition, Reputation X swiftly implemented reputation monitoring and initiated the research and strategy development phases.

Strategy and Execution

Comprehensive Strategy Development

  1. Online Profile Analysis: Conducted thorough research on entities similar to the clients.
  2. Digital Asset Mapping: Identified and evaluated the clients’ owned and earned digital properties.
  3. Sentiment Analysis: Assessed the online sentiment surrounding the clients’ profiles.
  4. Content Strategy: Developed and executed a multifaceted strategy including:
    • Editing online articles and biographies
    • Managing database information
    • Publishing and promoting positive content
    • Suppressing undesirable search results

Rebranding and Support

  • Documentation Customization: The agency easily rebranded the strategy documentation for client presentation.
  • Expert Consultation: Reputation X provided phone and Zoom support to address any technical inquiries regarding the strategy.

Outcomes and Impact

Client Success Metrics

  • Search Result Suppression: Negative content was effectively pushed to the third page of search results or beyond.
  • Content Removal: 25% of the negative content was entirely removed from search results.
  • Positive Content Promotion: The first pages of Google search results were dominated by positive content and profiles within the client’s control.
  • Wikipedia Article Management: The client’s Wikipedia page was expertly edited and has been maintained for many years.

Long-Term Partnership

  • Sustained Collaboration: Reputation X has maintained a fruitful partnership with the PR agency, providing ongoing, high-quality reputation management services for a diverse range of clients.

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