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Think of your favorite company. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? It’s probably that company’s logo, or an image representing them as a brand. The image of a logo or a name that comes to your mind when you are thinking of buying something is branding.

Branding can become so ingrained in us that it can become synonymous with the product or service a brand represents. For example, saying “I need to get a Xerox” means “I need to get a photocopy.” Xerox has become so popular that people have substituted the word photocopying with Xeroxing. This is an illustration that the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think of making a photocopy is the company Xerox.

Using brand substitutes for products is an everyday example of branding.

This article will cover:

What's branding?

A brand is something that differentiates your offering from that of other brands. It can be a symbol, a name, tagline, or anything relating to your company.

Branding is the process of establishing the identity of your brand. It is how your customers remember your services. So, a brand is a noun, while branding is a verb. Done right, a brand will engender trust and reflect a good reputation

Customer expectations are based on the way you carried out the branding for your outlets. Be it low-price, high quality or high-price, high durability the client’s anticipations result from the identity you have established for your business.

This activity involves building awareness for your brand and reputation in the market.

Harley Davidson has such a strong brand that people tattoo it on their skin. Is your brand that strong?

Establishing your trademark for your commerce is not a destination, but a journey. It can take years to establish yourself as prominent in today's competitive market. It can be a tough job, time-consuming too. But uncomfortable as it may be, it is no doubt an important and unavoidable step if you wish to gain success in your entrepreneurship.

The importance of branding for your business

Distinguish yourself from other brands

Branding is the face of an organization. It is how the company is identified by buyers.

You can decide how you stand out from the crowd of competitors. This method of brand positioning assists you in conveying to the audience how you are unique, special, and worthy of their resources.

It gives reason to your customers as to why they should buy from you and not the others.

Attract new customers

Efficient branding means making a positive impression of the company in the market. This is your chance to justify why consumers should participate in commercial activities with you. Trust and familiarity are what drives customers to buy from you.


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Make customer interactions mesmerizing. Adopting out of the ordinary approaches for customer care to stay in their memory for a long time will make them come back to you over and over again. You can do this with social media, through your website or even in-person.

Branding is people’s description of your brands to others.

When your customers have faith in you, they will refer you to their loved ones who have never bought from you. This will result in getting you a fresh purchasing population without even having to advertise to them.

Thus, branding will be a low-cost method for getting new customers as well as maintaining loyalty from your old customers.

Satisfy employees

The staff of an established company will be proud of their jobs. It will be a pleasure for them to talk about their work-place with friends. In contrast, talking to people when you work at an unpopular firm can at times be embarrassing. People generally avoid conversations about their jobs in such a case.

When you have a recognized brand, you end up recruiting better talent. As a result, gaining supremacy in the market over your competition.


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Not only that, when employees are aware that they are working for a huge company where there is much competition among the workers themselves, they will make sure to give their best. So the quality of work done is higher in this case.

Gain credibility

A professional appearance will portray quality and authority, while a friendly one shows reliability and relation. It is up to you to choose which kind of identity you want to go for.

A brand label that is well-organized will aid in gaining credibility among potential clients or customers. This will enable people to picture you as trustworthy along with giving your business the impression of being an expert in your industry.

Gradually, people will start appreciating the way you handle customers and your manner of providing service. When brands build an emotional connection with consumers, they take a step forward towards success.

The transformation of potential clients to a loyal customer is a result of this emotional bonding between the client and the company.

Increase value

Once you have achieved a good rank in the market, people would not mind a little increase in the selling price, allowing you to increase your profits with an efficient branding strategy.

Tips for establishing your brand

Before you start to initiate the branding process, make sure you are clear on the following.

  • The company’s mission
  • Product features
  • Benefits the products will provide
  • What do customers currently think about your company?
  • What picture do you want of your brand in your customers’ mind?

Once you have thought about these big picture ideas, move forward to assure that you are being true to what you promised before. Make sure that you are delivering on any promises made.

Craft a brand statement

It can be a description of your service or feedback or some expression thereof. Choose whatever suits best. Design a logo for your business line. If you already have one, check whether it is effective. And if not, it is never too late to make some modifications where necessary.

For example, McDonald’s has been modifying its logo for decades. The present logo has is more impactful. So it has decided to stick with that bold and bright M logo since 2006.

Make use of advertising on different platforms to enhance branding

Traditional marketing tools like TV, radio, and newspapers can be used. But since they are out-dated it would be a better choice to go for a digital marketing service instead.

Digital methods like websites, mobile applications, social media, and search engines can be used for cost-effective and impactful marketing.

Besides, you can partner with other well-established brands to add speed in gaining familiarity. Be consistent in your product designs. You can also make a unique pattern for the packaging of your items.

Now you are well aware of why branding is crucial for any business. And that a clever strategy will move you closer to your goals.

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Branding FAQs

What are the benefits of establishing your brand?

Distinguish yourself from other brands. Attract new customers. Satisfy employees. Gain credibility. Increase value.

What's branding?

Branding is the process of establishing the identity of your brand. It is how your customers remember your services. Done right, a brand will engender trust and reflect a good reputation.

How can I establish my brand?

Craft a brand statement. Make use of advertising on different platforms to enhance branding.

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